NOTTINGHAM | Summer Leys Lane | 25M | 82FT | 8 FLOORS

Height - 25m / 82ft

Floors - 8

Space - 222 residential units

Use - Student / Residential

Architects - Tim Groom Architects

Developer - Primus Property Group

Redesign - Planning Application Submitted

A planning application has been submitted for the redesigned scheme under new ownership. The redesign includes an additional 7 units to the previous, with the height and overall massing remaining barely untouched. The overall design and finish has had a significant overhaul, being more in-keeping with its surroundings and neighbouring new builds.

The Site

Previous Design Comparison

New Proposal:

Previous Design:

Previous design left, new design right:

Interior Renders

Massing Diagrams

North Elevation:

East Elevation:

South Elevation:

West Elevation:

Site Plan

Interactive Development Map

You can view as to where the development is on my Nottingham Interactive Development Map


gorgeous redesign!


I agree. The Sheriff would be proud!

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A huge improvement over the previous design. This looks like a fine design out of Berlin.

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