NEW YORK | Rolex USA Headquarters (665 Fifth Avenue) | FT | 25 FLOORS

# david chipperfield architects to build rolex USA headquarters in new york

the 165,000 square foot structure includes new office areas for rolex staff and tenants, as well as a new store at ground level. the first renderings of the project illustrate five vertically stacked volumes, which have been offset to create outdoor terraces and roof gardens. according to its architects, the building will provide brand experiences across a wide range of the company’s interests, becoming an important symbol of rolex’s commitment to quality, precision, and excellence.

we are proud to have been selected to design the rolex USA headquarters building,’ says david chipperfield. ‘our team is committed to creating an exemplary building befitting the heritage and culture of the rolex brand, as well as its prominent 5th avenue location.’ with offices in london, berlin, milan, and shanghai, david chipperfield architects is currently working on projects across the globe, including a concert hall in scotland and the major renovation of a historic structure in venice.


Hot damn

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Yeah, baby!

an interesting mesh of midcentury and ultramodern.


An honorable replacement. :slight_smile:

Land Marking Branding


I like this a lot. It’s a great replacement for a lame building on a tiny parcel. However, will 270 Park’s shape be a 1,350’ version of this?

P.S.: I guess that I was kind of right, but I’m very pleased with both designs.

It’ll be cool to see how light plays off all that angled glass, definitely better than the snoozefest currently on the site.


Great news. This is one of the buildings I’ve been dying to see redeveloped. Such a hunk of junk at such a prominent location. I love the new design’s facade, which I’m sure will be very high quality glass. But I must say I’m getting a little sick of the “stacked boxes” fad.


I’d like to see these three little junks on the next block replaced with a 1000’+ limestone masterpiece by Stern.

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Looks like the reskinned the New Museum.

Aw man, so that supertall isn’t coming to this site? At least the current building will look a lot better soon