NEW YORK | One 45 “For All” (West 145th & Lenox Avenue) | 2 x 363 FT | ? FLOORS


I did not see a topic for these towers? Also note that the second tower of this development is on: 112-150 West 145th St. This is a 2-tower development in upper Harlem. Both towers are same height, with different floor count. Below is a rendering.


This looks great. Hopefully the crazy NIMBY politicians don’t downsize or derail hundreds of desperately needed housing units and the corresponding tax base.

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Wasn’t that being moved to 418 11th or was that the hip hop museum?

You mean the Affirmation Tower? I believe there is some speculation about it being moved there, as per an the article. (Excerpt below) The Hip Hop Museum is in a totally different borough in a different new development (Bronx Point.)

With this museum out of the picture though, it is likely this development will be squashed out (unless more affordable units arise), and replaced with a smaller non affordable low-rise.

Excerpt : A rival developer, Don Peebles, claimed that Sharpton had agreed to move the museum to his own proposed skyscraper in Midtown (aka affirmation tower). A top ally of Sharpton’s denied those claims to Patch in March, but conceded that NAN had “listened” to offers about joining that project, which remains far from winning all the approvals it would need to be built.

It’s good to see that the affirmation tower is being thrown around by developers, keeping the project alive


Ah thank you. I had these 2 museums mixed up.

The Developers aren’t giving up on it. They said the only thing they’re waiting for is the RFP to be re released. They have the funding secured, the site is state owned so if they win the RFP the development is a go.

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Although the developer plans to add more affordable units to this project (330 total out of 900 units), councilwoman Richardson Jordan says she cannot support it (unless it’s fully 100% affordable).

The alternative of this two towered development will be a massive storage facility, or 6-story market rate lowrise. Apparently, that’s a better idea to her. This is the same councilwoman who boasted she "would rather have lots sit empty than have them filled with further development.”

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Official design revamp: from today’s zoning/land-use meeting The City Council voted no to the project, as it is too tall for the area and is too “unaffordable”. I spoke to the developer and he told me that it’ll be a complicated road from this point onward.


Yet there are other tall structures around 125th street

The city council meeting was filled with NIMBY’s to the brim. They claimed it should be no more than 10 stories in height. After that point, I knew what to expect. Also, according to them, too much “congestion” would occur.

I was hoping the best for this project.

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Oh boy… yeah it wasn’t favorable. Was just listening to the zoom meeting.

It’s like they didn’t even bother to listen to them. They knew their answer before this meeting. Threw the pandemic in there, “telling the truth” (what does that mean…), and even referenced the Bronx Point (which is rising).

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Chris, what do you think the odds are of this project advancing without a City Council “yes” vote? I believed a few rezonings were able to get through with a “no” vote, including the Blood Center on the UES.


City Clownsil needs to be disbanded. 10 floor height limits in Manhattan? Nothing built except essentially housing projects? These are also the same idiots who claim there’s an affordability issue, and who claim they want more tax base for insanely lavish social programs. But no new housing or tax base?

Hopefully the mayor (who is at least moderate/reasonable) can push this through.

The City Council tends to be favorable towards a lot of developments in Manhattan but with this one, spells massive downgrade. It’s usually the community boards that give a ton of flack, but those are advisory. When the City Council gives a nay in essence… not good news. Especially regarding this one.

Harlem seems to garnish a ton of protectionism versus other areas of Manhattan.

I think its setting roadblocks indeed and something will rise here but with a downgrade in nature; making the revisions and revisiting in the future.

Its literally New York City, the largest metropolis in America. I cannot logically comprehend what the deal is with these people? Community input is hazardous to development.

Councilwoman Richardson Jordan is the reason why that part of Harlem will always be dilapidated, underdeveloped, underutilized. Not to mention, this development will run on geothermal energy (and revamping the local park and beautifying the area). Sad.


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Lol, I was literally about to say that as well. No wonder why Harlem is always like this since the late 2000s-early 2010s. Ironic how they oppose development in that area yet support development in MIDTOWN. And yet they decided to ask “why is there a housing crisis”. :roll_eyes: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: