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1500 feet and taller in Midtown West @lowkeylion

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„ Verizon Communications Inc, which signed a lease with Edison for 648 W48th Street through at least March 2044, has filed plans with the Department of Buildings for use of the approximately 269,000-square foot space as a six-story storage and office facility. Verizon’s plans also include space for a basement/cellar level, which could indicate an additional parking facility for 12th Avenue — an area that lost parking spots in the Javits Center expansion — providing additional Verizon parking to alleviate trucks currently jammed together in a W51st Street parking lot. „


what exactly includes midtown west

PABT redevelopment
Hudson yards phase one and two
Penn District


many supertallsor a (megatall) can arise here?

Midtown West is not just composed of small sites, there is no clear demarcation that exists for what is technically Midtown West only that the upper most boundary ends at 59th St. It’s been described as everything west of 5th Ave or everything west of 8th Ave and to the south either 34th St, 23rd St or even 14th St, one of which would not include Hudson Yards or The Empire Station Complex.


I’d say Midtown west is everything west of 8th. Central midtown is anything between 5th and 8th. Midtown East is anything east of 5th. All parts of midtown are north of 23rd. Anything south of there and north of Canal are what I would say are the villages, though the southern boundary has pushed northwards in recent years. Parts of a larger trend of the skylines merging. Anything south of Canal is true, proper, Lower Manhattan.

The definition certainly changes among who you ask or where you read/look, but there actually is no Central Midtown, it’s distinctly only West, East, and South Midtown.

If we are just talking about the general splitting of Manhattan into 3 sections, Lower Manhattan is everything south of 14th St (I would not say there is a “true” part of that distinction involving Canal St, only the separation of Lower Manhattan into its own districts), Midtown is 14th St - 59th St, and Uptown is everything north of 59th St. The villages are more between 14th and Houston than they are 23rd and Canal.

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True, there is no ‘Central Midtown’… that area would just be called Midtown, with the East, West and South qualifiers used to describe the area surrounding it.


What is this?

New Penn or new MSG

Read it.

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How might the next 15 years change this neighborhood (Midtown West)? New MSG, Supertalls with a height of 1700 feet, new PABT, or…?


Well let’s start with Phase 2 of Hudson Yards (and before that the work on the gateway project being done in the west side yards underneath).

Several large residential towers are currently planned, a large park (will go nicely with the highline), and 1 large commercial tower. That commercial tower could either be a normal office building similar to phase 1 or if they get the casino license (hopefully), it will be a casino/resort location (also I think I remember a hotel being mentioned? Don’t quote me on that). That’s the first major project going on right there.

There’s the highline connector to Midtown West 1 and 2’s plaza, which is almost done. And the possible future connection to the pier that was proposed with the one currently being built.

There’s 418 11th Avenue, whose RFP has yet to be reintroduced but the only proposal we have for it so far is the 1,663 ft tower which will be huge.

Then we have the PABT redevelopment and this one could go a lot of different ways. Whatever happens it’ll be miles better than the mess there currently. I had hoped for the rooftop park design we had seen from the competition for the main bus terminal part, but it’s up in the air what it could look like as they’re designing it right now. The 4 towers as well could go a variety of different ways. Honestly I could see the largest tower easily being a megatall, though that’s stretching it. It could also be relatively stubby and fat, though still most likely supertalls. Whatever happens with them, they’ll be huge. Some of the biggest.

Then there’s the random tower that could pop up. One of those being built right now is 740 8th Avenue.

Penn Station Area is a can of worms. Lots of different ways that area could turn out. MSG could stay or go, then what happens in its place could be a variety of different things. There´s obviously the towers, which probably won´t be built for a while.

And that´s the biggest stuff I can think of right now. It´s a fairly large area in a very important business district. Lots of large and exciting things could happen in the next 15 years.

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Are there any plans for the Hell’s Kitchen waterfront? It’s a massive wasted space.


It is too elevated to take reasonably expensive advantage of. That’s where the piers are an advantage.


This is a gorgeous tower, but the location next to the EighthCircle of Hell, the PABT, is execrable per se.

Reminds me of the building in iCarly lol

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