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The First Phase looks at the block between 9th and 10th Avenues, and West 30th and 31st

Streets. Conveniently aligned with the portal to the Gateway Tunnel, this site will house the new Penn South Station and allow for New Jersey Transit to operate in its own space, permitting Long Island Railroad, and Amtrak to expand in the existing Penn/Moynihan complex and making room for future Metro North Trains. Above the station will be the new 270 bay PABT as well as office space for Amtrak and the Port Authority. The Lincoln Tunnel Expressway currently connecting the tunnel to this site will become a dedicated busway, streamlining traffic, and making the roads above more navigable for other vehicles. New pedestrian connections between the Proposed Penn South/PABT, Hudson Yards Manhattan West, and the Penn/Moynihan Complexes will be made as well.

The Second Phase encompasses the demolition of the existing PABT and the associated ramps connecting it to the Lincoln Tunnel, as well as creating a platform over West 40th Street between 9th and 10th Avenues.

The Third Phase includes clearing the three blocks located between 9th and 10th Avenues, and West 38th and 41st Streets, which was previously occupied by the PABT ramps, to be developed into a larger, more capable MSG with ancillary entertainment facilities. The added space will allow it to have a much higher capacity and more flexible functionality. The platform over West 40th Street will allow for a bi-level setup for delivery and access to the Arena. The old PABT can now be redeveloped.



I mean… I love the idea of combining Penn South and a new bus terminal. I love the idea of moving MSG to the old bus terminal location. Untangling that mess of roads… yes! That’s all great.

But that location for Penn South + new bus terminal is just dumb. It’s too far from the rest of Penn Station, too far from the major subway lines, and too far from the rest of midtown. I’m not even sure the tracks could be configured in a sensible way for that to work for NJT operations. And could you really fit an effective bus terminal into a space that small? Just going vertical only works to a certain point.



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None of this has actually been proposed yet. It’s just speculative.


Another speculative project with the rebuilt the Penn and Madison Square Garden (II).

Does anyone know more about the project? or whether these drawings are older?



Give me a better location for 500, Alex!


It’s hilarious that these people think that Related would give up the western yards (which is the part that makes the real money for them) for the benefit of the Dolans and MSG


How is the Western Yards making the money for them? I was under the impression that is was HY phase 1 that was the money maker and phase 2 was the public pleaser.

If i remember correctly, the commercial portion of the eastern yards was done at cost. .

Interesting. I did not know that. Well hopefully that’s more incentive for them to complete Phase 2 fast.


The Hudson Yards including the large swath of undeveloped land in West Midtown is the largest development zone in New York City today. The number of projects either under construction or proposed is rather large. Please use this page to compile a list of all of the projects. I think it would be helpful to put the scale in perspective!


Roughly the developments in this area…


I think “Midtown West” would be a better name for this thread than “Hudson Yards”. I doubt most people would consider the Penn District or possible PABT redevelopments as part of “Hudson Yards”. While “Hudson Yards” generally refers only to the Related-owned parcels above the railyards, “Midtown West” is more of a catchall term that includes Hudson Boulevard, Manhattan West, the Penn District, and the PABT.


The Midtwon West master plan already has its own topic here in the forum. Thus we have this topic twice .


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