NEW YORK | 2 Penn Plaza (Renovation) | 412 FT | 29 FLOORS

The re-skin can’t happen soon enough.

Vornado must clean up this heinous site across from 2 Penn and next to the Hotel Penn if it wants to improve the area. This block, together with the nearby block of 34th and 8th, are the worst in Midtown. Chetrit Is cleaning up the latter, so the ball is in Roth’s court.

This is an “EXPLOSIVE” design! Great street frontage!

I agree!

This is going to be so much better. Also because pretty much ANYTHING would be better, but integrating the retail of 2 Penn into the pedestrian realm is hugely important because it is currently a failure.

This is probably going to be one of the most amazing buildings from street level. I’m impressed.

That is rather fancy!

It reminds me of Londons previous Pinnacle design where the glass facade flared out at street level. This does look nice! The vertical strips of glass flaring out towards the tips emphasising the burst of the facade is a fantastic addition, almost like the crinkles in a dress descending to the waves. A very warm welcome!



I wonder what tearing down and replacing 2 Penn would mean for the rest of MSG & Penn Station, it seems like a piecemeal approach to a bigger project.


This could be the overture for something Much larger indeed.


I was hoping this would happen! fantastic news.

By demolishing the 1.6-million-square-foot tower, Vornado would potentially be able to transfer some of the 5 million square feet of air rights at Madison Square Garden, which the real estate investment trust co-owns with the Dolan family. Some of the air rights could be “sprinkled to adjacent sites,” Roth noted, but the intention seems to be to create massive new development.

“The old 2 Penn has a 60,000 square foot footprint, the new [one] would have a 120,000 square foot-plus footprint at the base, perfect for our creative class tenants,” Roth said. “There would be towers above and a significant retail component below sandwiched between the train station and the office base.”


I use to work at 2 Penn. Awful area. Awful building. Hated every moment of it.

According to Roth, tearing down 2 Penn Station would allow light to reach the eastern half of Penn Station and enable improvements to the station



This is great and long-awaited news! This whole area is criminally under-utilized (how does that one-story Duane Reade take up so much space?) and underdeveloped.

As usual though, it seems that MSG is in the way of the overall plans here. This area needs a master plan.

And the possibility of Bjarke being involved scares me as well.


A part of me hopes that they go through with this but don’t actually demolition the building until around the time when the lease expires for MSG in less than a decade, if I remember correctly. And in that time, they come up with a comprehensive master plan with good architects with vision that outline the entire site, MSG and Penn Station. One could only hope lol

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Good. Always hated Two Penn Plaza lol.


Have you guys not seen the news about Gov. Cuomo recently trying to override the city to rezone the whole area around msg & Penn Station, plus there’s new permits for 15 Penn Plaza that have been filed recently. Also Vornado is selling it’s stake Zaha tower, clearly there’s something big coming soon in that whole area.


Yeah well I certainly hope they somehow fix Penn. Enough band-aids.

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This area is the arm pit of Manhattan, but within a decade, it will be the jewel!


Hopefully we get a megatall out of this or even close like 1900 or 1800 feet.


it sounds like they’re planning more than one tower over an office base, so I wouldn’t expect anything extraordinarily tall. Their main objective is to create a bigger footprint for more floor space for the office component.

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Don’t forget that Vornado also suddenly started Demo’ing their property on 34th and 8th about 3 weeks ago. Something is definitely amiss!!