NEW YORK | Midtown West Zoning

No megatall is planned. So that is not a site for it

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That proposal is from 8 years ago, and it looks like there hasn’t been any action of any kind at that site since 2019


Hmm that’s why I had never seen it before

or two supertalls

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None of the above images represent the latest iteration of the project, this was the last design made by CetraRuddy in 2019.


Man that rendering hurts my head. lol

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Yeah the perspective of the background image is horribly composed. I don’t know if that’s even a real project because there’s zero information on it, and the figures mentioned on the website don’t make sense/add-up.

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They’ve made the Earth considerably smaller than it is in that rendering.

No, the original shot was a wide vertical photo, with the original shot facing more towards the ground. Then, the perspective is changed to show the buildings standing straight. I’ve done this before and I too felt weird about the outcome.

August 2019

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I was joking, because of how much it curves.

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I’m slightly confused by your assessment @TK2000, the background image on the render looks to be a collage of different images taken at different angles but they are all taken with the camera pointing upward, not down. The perspective editing was only done to the image of the buildings on the right (very poorly) and the actual proposal is facing the completely wrong direction and vice versa with the background scenery.

Thought this was the most appropriate thread to post this photo. YIMHudson posted this on SSC,
Gary Hershorn

A lot of things going on in the picture, demolition of Hotel Pennsylvania is clearly moving forward, Penn1 is finishing up it’s repainting and base renovations. Penn2 is well into it’s facade replacements with the lower portions finally being removed to make way for the rest of the new cantilever structure, construction elevator on 2 Manhattan West will likely come down soon and we can see the base starting to take shape and the protective shed that was over the Citrovia art installation is finally being dismantled, that will greatly open up the Manhattan West Plaza. I also suspect that the elevators on 50 Hudson Yards and The Spiral to come down soon as well. The ESB will certainly be one of the best vantage points to watch progress on Penn15 and a lot of the Empire Station Complex.


Yes you are in the right topic with such information and pictures.

What I would be interested to know is what the same picture looks like in the future with the ESC. This would be a nice rendering with Penn Place 15.


It really belongs in the topic unbuilt, but yes.

In Hudson Yards, two more supertalls were originally planned with ( 305 and 308 meters).

Rendering from the World Product Centre


The GiraSole

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What are on those sites currently?

55 Hudson Yards is where the World Product Center was proposed and 3 Hudson Blvd is where The Girasole was proposed.


Oh I see. So we missed out on the World Prodict Center. And the Girasole is fine.

I prefer the current design of 3 HY to the Girasole.