NEW YORK | 500 11th Avenue | 1500? + 1100? FT | FLOORS

emporis world map

How likely is it that two supertalls can be built on this property?

It’s an old mass diagram and these two are apparently just placeholders. The height (1500 and 1100 feet) is only estimated by me.
Would it be feasible with current FAZ?

emporis Street map

emporis street map,-73.999186&z=18


They certainly have the air rights and proper zoning for the area, but we’ll have to see how it works out.
It really depends on the PABT redevelopment, will it take up space in this specific area depending on the design.
For example, if the design I want to win (the one with the garden on top that connects to the high line and Bryant Park) wins then will there be room? I don’t know the exact proportions and the renderings don’t show a wide enough view.

Though I would love for another two supertalls to pop up here, especially a 1,500 fter.


Also what is the area in between the PABT redevelopment and the HY/Penn Station area?
Is there not major development potential there? Especially with all these major projects going on all around them.


The two could look something like this. The basic design is reminiscent of a residential skyscraper.

A change to the original placeholder:

Version 1 with two straight building fronts with corresponding floor plans.

The plan below is to show the possible first floor with the main entrance on 11th Ave (rough outline). On the middle sketch you can see the side extension in the lower living floors (Cross section of the tower).

Version 2

A different design with different cross sections.

Wouldn’t that be a project not with Affordable Housing?

Would it not be possible to develop this project sooner?

Site K and 495 11th Ave. could be built at the same time.


I love this project. I hope it does add at least one 1500 footer.


it would look something like this.


Can’t wait for 2031 to come around and we get to compare the skyline versus 1931. It will be unrecognizable in a good way.


Hopefully everything in my render would be built by then.


A couple of them absolutely.
But ones like Tower Fifth, Bronze Boi, and 418 11th Ave are on hold. (Though Bronze boi and 418 11th are still likely to be done before 2031, Tower Fifth is a wild card)
And the PABT towers are pure concept right now.

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