New York Metropolitan Vintage Photo/Video Collection

Early 5WFC design/model on the site of the Goldman Sachs Building


Now THAT is interesting. I always wondered if they planned to expand along West Street

Model of 280 Park Avenue, the Bankers Trust Building

Note a 1-story loading dock built in the middle of Vanderbilt Ave, which a dreadful annex would replace just a few years later

Original 290 Park Avenue, (1922-1961) with the Hotel Chatham behind

Finished product: Hotel Chatham still on the left, Park Lane Hotel still on the right

Modern day in the hall of mirrors


A old building on hotel plaza ?? site 1888??


It seems like that is one of the only actual pieces of photography that exists of a previous iteration of the original Plaza hotel that was built from 1883-1890 that had turrets and mansard cupolas.

This drawing from 59th St and 5th Ave was done in 1886 and the mansard elements are visible as in the 1888 photo

This is an image of the original Plaza Hotel from 1894 depicting it as all photos depict it, with a large corniced roof.

I’d assume that the mansard elements were taken away at some point during construction and the cornice/balconies added, because they are the same building.


This is the Fifth Ave. Plaza Apartment Building can you model it?

John Duncan Phyfe and James Campbell acquired the site in 1883. Phyfe and Campbell announced plans for a nine-story apartment building at the site that October, to be designed by Carl Pfeiffer, and construction on the apartment block began that same year. The builders borrowed over $800,000 from the New York Life Insurance Company, and obtained a second mortgage to John Charles Anderson for a total investment of $2 million. By 1887, after taking three loans from New York Life, Phyfe and Campbell found that they did not have enough funds to complete the apartment block. The extent to which the apartment building was completed before the builders’ bankruptcy is unclear. In February 1888, brothers Eugene M. and Frank Earle entered contract to lease the hotel from Phyfe and Campbell, and furnish it. New York Life concurrently foreclosed on the apartment building, and that September, bought it at public auction for $925,000. Shortly afterward, New York Life decided to remodel the interiors completely, hiring architects McKim, Mead & White to complete the hotel. New York Life leased the hotel to Frederick A. Hammond in 1889, and the Hammond brothers became the operators of the hotel for the next fifteen years. [from Wikipedia]

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@Mackensen Ah, that’s what you were refering to (definitely don’t believe that any other drawings exist of that design), but it’s still very apparent that that iteration of the project never saw the light of day in any form as what was built of the original Plaza Hotel was the hotel building that started construction in 1883 (as seen in that 1888 photo), it’s not the extremely decorative chateau design.

The 7th and 8th floor design elements and the mansard elements on the roof were probably added to the design before 1888 to try to have some elements of that old iteration before McKim, Mead, and White took over and redid the 7th and 8th floors to be consistent with the lower 6 and removed the mansard elements in favor of a large cornice (a MMW favorite) within the timeframe of 1888-1890. But overall, the vast majority of that first version of the plaza hotel “is” the same building that started in 1883 and opened in 1890, it just went through a slight design change in 1888/89.

As for the model, I normally refrain from taking modeling requests of that nature.