Vintage U.S. City’s (from New York to San Francisco) Skyline Foto Collection

I start this topic not only because of my private collection, but because of the Skyscrapers built on other cities. I have been collecting old photos about U.S. City’s not just New York for many years, I can name quite a few:

Chicago 1951

Cleveland/Ohio 1942

Minneapolis/ Minn. 1935

San Francisco 1932

Baltimore 1935

Pittsburgh around 1935

Street perspective from Philadelphia with the old Penn Station from 1949.

The Stratfield Hotel in Bridgeport circa 1930.

This is only a small selection of the cities about which I collect old photos. Those of you interested are welcome to post pictures online between the years 1850 and 2000.

Historical pictures about :
Skyline, aerial views, street perspectives, buildings (unbuilt or destroyed), infrastructure projects,…
to be posted.

What else can I say,…



These cities could’ve been booming metropolises. Instead, they were “de-Manhattanized” - removed of their density. What lays there now is parking lots and highways.


Looking at the city from overhead and you can truly see the scope of “de-Manhattanization”. The amount of parking lots is quite excessive. This seems to be an unfortunate trait for a large number of cities in the US. In many cities, it’s quite easy to pick out the parking lots since you’ll see buildings and then large expanses of blacktop.

Here’s a closer look showing how close to 2/3rd of a block is just parking alone.

In downtown Kansas City, we can even see entire blocks dedicated to just parking lots or otherwise left vacant. I’m sure what are now empty parking lots were lively blocks with lots of businesses and homes.