Vintage U.S. City’s (from New York to San Francisco) Skyline Foto Collection

I start this topic not only because of my private collection, but because of the Skyscrapers built on other cities. I have been collecting old photos about U.S. City’s not just New York for many years, I can name quite a few:

Chicago 1951

Cleveland/Ohio 1942

Minneapolis/ Minn. 1935

San Francisco 1932

Baltimore 1935

Pittsburgh around 1935

Street perspective from Philadelphia with the old Penn Station from 1949.

The Stratfield Hotel in Bridgeport circa 1930.

This is only a small selection of the cities about which I collect old photos. Those of you interested are welcome to post pictures online between the years 1850 and 2000.

Historical pictures about :
Skyline, aerial views, street perspectives, buildings (unbuilt or destroyed), infrastructure projects,…
to be posted.

What else can I say,…