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Here’s an update for LGA: The old Terminal D headhouse is nearly gone and it looks like the foundations for part of a new concourse connecting to gate areas at Terminal C are being laid.



The old Terminal D headhouse was present last month so it seems they pulled it down quite quickly.



Nice update! That’s definitely the foundations for the rest of the F concourse to connect to the new Terminal C Headhouse. I’m assuming that the rest of the old D headhouse and concourse arm won’t be demolished until the new connection opens more gates.

I wonder if the plan is still to build an addition to the Terminal C parking garage and continue that roof motif that will eventually connect to the hall at Terminal B in this phase or if that has been moved to Phase 3 work.

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I’m not sure about that one.

There are no details about the connection between the two terminals. The connection appeared to be part of the LGA air train that got axed so with no air train, there will be no connection. In the LGA plans, the connection/AirTrain would have sat above the Terminal C parking garage and would link up directly to the Terminal B hall. It will likely remain in limbo until a decision is made to build the AirTrain or not.
The airside(?) connection between Terminals B and C is also gone as well.

The placement of the connector above the garage is evident in this rendering as well along with the existence of the presumably airside connection between Terminals B and C.


I do agree with all your points since it does seem that the additional “infrastructure” was related to the AirTrain, but do we know the veracity of that progression map though.

We know the render is old since Concourse D of Terminal C is being designed/refurbished by Corgan, while Terminal B was designed by HoK, but the render shows that concourse as having a bridge connection with a design akin to those at Terminal B. As for the map, it shows the Terminal C parking lot expansion and Concourse D refurb as being completed, which neither have even started. It also shows slightly more length to the connection hall that hasn’t actually been built.

I do believe that the 2 terminal will eventually be connected because the design motif of the angled overhang is the same on both ends that have been capped.

In regards to that rendering, it seems to be an older version and after some light searching, a newer version I was able to find several key features were omitted, mainly the extra sky-bridge connecting Terminal B to C which implies to me that any possible airside linking of the terminals has been axed which is a tragic loss.

Without the AirTrain, any possible connection between the terminals is basically on indefinite hold. The rendering below I pulled from the official LGA website so it is assumed it is current.

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Yeah that is definitely an updated/current depiction of the design :+1: I just really hate how unaligned the 2 terminals are regardless if the linking AirTrain bridge is or isn’t built, that aspect should’ve been coordinated so much more. The spaghetti network is also so frustrating at Terminal C as well.

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I still don’t see why it’s incredibly difficult to have at least one of the airports have cohesive terminal designs that are actually interlinked airside especially when they’re stupidly close (in the case of LGA) which would make connecting to other flights less of a chore. This is why we shouldn’t let airlines run their own terminals.

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I think it’s mainly a result of working around existing conditions and structures rather than just building completely new on a blank slate site. I don’t disregard that is it definitely a struggle designing something when it has to be done in phases and around existing buildings without interrupting services, but I just think more coordination needs to be involved when doing projects like this. Because I definitely agree with you.

More like letting them run day to day, they are a private business after all, but you are responsible for design choices and they have to follow you. They have to keep up with your pace. They are your tenants, essentially, in an airport and you are the landlord.

as someone who was involved with this project firsthand, a lot of design decisions were based on the staging required to actually build the work.

The airport had to remain fully operational at all time with access for pedestrians, cars, taxis, and all of the construction material and personnel.

I think LGA is a massive accomplishment in terms of problem solving.

The problem, on paper, is pretty simple. Maintain X number of gates operating at all times with corresponding access for the complementary number of cars, pedestrians, support personnel etc. How to get there was complicated, and almost ridiculous at times.

The airlines (or airline groups or operators) had to be the ones to build these terminals and assume the risk for construction costs and design. Without that, this airport does not get rebuilt. more and more, the PA has realized that its a much better business to just collect lease payments


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