NEW YORK | East River Plaza Towers (517 East 117th Street) | 415 + 515 + 575 FT | 32 + 41 + 47 FLOORS

Yes the project is from 2014 but has a new link from 2022.

„In 2014, Forest City Ratner Companies and Blumenfeld Development Group announced plans for residential towers on top of East River Plaza, a shopping center which counts Target and Costco among its anchor tenants. Renderings show three towers connected by two skybridges and perched on two podiums atop the existing mall and parking garage. The residences within, 25 percent of which will be affordable, are assured of spectacular river and city views. The site is already zoned to allow for residential use, but a special permit used to build the mall means the project must go through the city’s ULURP process.“


No one is a more avid New Yorker than I am, but frankly, this area is a vile hole. You’d have to be nuts to buy a property here. If I couldn’t afford a nice area in Manhattan, I’d rather live in Connecticut or Westchester and commute in, which is, in fact, what I do.

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gives a nice fullness

This is needed in the area. F(fudge) what the little NIMBY’s have to say about density in East Harlem. This is sooo needed in that corner of town. That part of East Harlem is isolated and pure animal excrement.

ESPECIALLY WITH the Second Avenue subway being built up over there.*


I would still consider this a very stale proposal at the moment, personally, wouldn’t have opened a thread on it.

The information in the July article (I don’t even know why Cityrealty included this) doesn’t state any new information and there still hasn’t been any information relating to the project itself since late 2014 when the project was first revealed. The latest news is still over 7 years old. There are no filed ULURP related applications or permits for the towers so it’s quite questionable if they are even on the table still.