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Get Ready for Another Supertall Tower Beside Extell on the LES Waterfront

The old Pathmark site down on the waterfront is becoming a heated zone of gold rush activity. It’s not just the 80-story Extell tower rising here, but the drama surrounding the adjacent “pharmacy” lot. The Little Cherry might mature, after all.

Roy Schoenberg (pka Little Cherry LLC) previously partnered with Two Bridges Neighborhood Council and Settlement Housing Fund to construct a 47-story residential (mixed income) tower at 237-247 Cherry Street. The community group, which owns the land beneath the brick box, agreed to unload the Pharmacy/Rent-a-Center site to Schoenberg for $4 million, but later backed out of the deal, triggering a $50 million lawsuit from Schoenberg. (Little Cherry owns the lease on half the retail; Extell has the other half through 2044.) The legal fight, while ongoing, is apparently water under the proverbial bridge at this point. The development is back on track with a settlement slated for later this spring.

TBNC circulated an ambiguous letter to residents over the weekend about the new “residential tower proposed to be built adjacent to the Two Bridges Senior Apartment building at 80 Rutgers,” while simultaneously announcing a tenant meeting this week for official announcement. Those in the senior building are reportedly worried, rightfully, about whether they’ll have a home after this monstrosity is constructed. And while details are currently lacking, word on the street is that a familiar face is linked to the supertall project – SHoP Architects – which already has a history of working with this community organization.

So, it now makes more sense why Two Bridges Neighborhood Council allegedly sent a letter to Community Board 3 earlier this year regarding the Chinatown Working Group zoning proposal and its treatment of the waterfront (Subsection D). We’re told the nonprofit specifically asked for no height caps in the area. Mind boggling. Until this coastline is protected, we can easily expect a blinding wall of glass along the South Street waterfront. This new tower, rising at least 50 stories adds to that mess.

Moreover, there is a feeling among neighbors that the Two Bridges Neighborhood Council is selling out its base, and keeping residents in the dark about overall plans. First to Extell – updates don’t always trickle down to residents of 82 Rutgers – and now for this newest tower. Even the back room staff is in upheaval.

Most suspicious are the major organizational changes that seem to have happened just before the announcement that Little Cherry is indeed a go. For instance, two power players stepped down from the board. Associate Director (and historian) Kerri Culhane, second in command to Victor Papa, resigned (her picture is still on the site, though); board chair, Vincent Wong, is no longer Chair (Position now vacant). The website was reportedly updated Friday to reflect the personnel change.


This is the Age of Ramses, lads!!!

Just some extra info: Anybody going to that meeting?


Developer to Discuss Plans for Residential Tower on Waterfront

The developers of a controversial residential tower set to go up next to a waterfront senior center — already the site of a massive 80-story luxury high-rise — will host a meeting with concerned residents on Wednesday, April 27.

Two Bridges Neighborhood Council will announce plans for a tower proposed to be built next to the Two Bridges Senior Apartment building at 80 Rutgers Slip. Seniors who live in the center and other neighbors have been invited to voice their questions and concerns at the 6:30 p.m. meeting in the center’s community room.

Neighbors are already expressing concern that the monolith, paired with the 80-story Extell tower, will overwhelm longtime residents and seniors in the adjacent building by packing in new dwellings.

“We understand we need more housing, but there is a certain amount of density a neighborhood can absorb,” said Trever Holland, president of the Two Bridges Tower Tenant Association. “For them to say they’re going to build another building of a similar scale is insane to me.”

Though the memo circulated by the realty group was vague, locals suspect they are witnessing the revival of a dormant deal surrounding the old Pathmark Pharmacy site, as was first reported by Bowery Boogie.

Developer Roy Schoenberg had partnered with the neighborhood council and nonprofit developer Settlement Housing Fund to build a 47-story mixed-income tower at 237–247 Cherry St., but the council ended up going back on the deal, resulting in a $50 million lawsuit from Schoenberg.

While the litigation is ongoing, a settlement is reportedly coming in the near future, and development is slated to pick back up.

Meanwhile, Extell Development Co.’s tower — holding more than 800 condominiums — continues to rise at the corner of Cherry and Pike streets. The ongoing construction has been a nuisance to seniors, said Holland, and the additional construction that would come with a new development would be unwelcome.

Also, seniors fear sticking two high-density towers next to each other will negatively impact their quality of life, said Holland.

“This building will affect them,” he said. “Not just the construction, but the fact that they’re basically building two towers on top of each other.”

The association has taken to social media to express fears that the proposed project could could dwarf the Extell tower, and to demand a neighborhood rezoning to prevent future towers.


get off my lawn!

For christ’s sake Nimby’s… At least through their whining we can get some valuable information about this project. Also, for crying out loud sometimes I understand their complaints but here it’s just ridiculous. THIS IS F*****G MANHATTAN if you don’t wanna be “overwhelmed” or if you don’t want “density” move your senior center to Staten Island. Geez.

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A 47-Story Tower May Rise Next To Extell’s Lower East Side Skyscraper

Developers will announce plans at a neighborhood meeting on Wednesday

JDS Unveils Plans For a Gigantic 77-Story Lower East Side Tower

It’ll neighbor Extell’s 80-story condo tower One Manhattan Square

Just one day after rumors surfaced that a new skyscraper would join Extell’s 80-story Lower East Side tower on the East River waterfront, a plan for that skyscraper has arrived—and it’s major.

By way of The Lo-Down, word is out that …

JDS Development is planning a 900-foot, 77-story tower for 247 Cherry Street.

JDS and SHoP will present the plans for the new building to the community this evening. Following, JDS will move forward with presenting the plan to City Planning. Construction at the site will not begin for at least two years.


This is the Age of Ramses, lads!


I must celebrate this news with a complementary shot from a good friend called Jack Daniels.

Ramses would be proud. In fact, if he was still around, he would quickly get in on the eb-5 and get some nice citizenship in this city.

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Wow… that design is… innovative to say the least. Green is a pretty bold colour hahah.

Ramses is proud.

Kind of thinking about it, we really do not have a lot of green colored skyscrapers. I for one love it. The first rendering makes it hard to see, but you can really get an idea of the facade in the 2nd one.

This looks like it will be a stunner, and the facade reminds me of a green One57 with a mix of Nordstrom in the cantilever.


I think they took the whole going green thing too far. lol. At least they can claim it is the “most green” development in the city.

Is it possible that the green is actually copper? Knowing SHoP they would probably utilize some form of metal or stone in their facade. Much like their twins up the river. I hope I’m right, it’d be cool to see this in a brilliant Orange during a sunrise.

this will be the tower that crushes Nimby spirits in the area. They have fought a long losing war with One Manhattan Square and then this one piles on. They are leaving a chunk of it affordable, permanently, if they offer the locals in the area 1st dibs on those that is a good way to appease the natives. They are also paying for upgrades the retirement home and Two Bridges district is getting 50 million for sale of area. I think this tower will happen if the market continues to demand it.

This tower will also help One Manhattan Square will condo sales. Resident will see the area is booming with these huge residential developments retail will be soon to follow. The market will turn this into a nice place to live in no time.

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it will be Terra Cotta.

While the design isn’t quite finished, Pasquarelli said it will feature a terracotta brick and glass exterior.

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Yeah that’s what I would have guessed from that close up render. That’s two green terra cotta buildings now, along with the Fitzroy. I love how bold it is, and such an interesting color/material contrast to Extell’s building.

This ‘greeny’ skyscraper is interesting, especially its shape from afar and its facade at the second rendering image.
When finished, I hope it’ll become prettier than the renderings. :slight_smile:

Good one!

I like that thinking, Chris! Mr. Daniels is always good to celebrate with!!