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Glimpse: 3 Hudson Boulevard


3 Hudson Boulevard – image by Moinian/FXFOWLE

UPDATE: A rep for Moinian sent along information noting that the above renderings are incomplete, and do not portray the most recent iteration of 3 Hudson Boulevard; the building will also measure 1.8 million square feet, including 1.5 million square feet of Class A office space and 300,000 square feet of ‘upper floor space’ that could serve several purposes. The ‘Girasole’ moniker is also dead.

While Related’s new towers at The Hudson Yards have been receiving significant attention, 3 Hudson Boulevard is also about to begin construction, and new renderings give a better look at the tower’s base, as well as its overall profile. The images come from the official site and Real Estate Arts; the project’s developer is Moinian, and the architect is FXFOWLE.

3 Hudson Boulevard — image by Real Estate Arts

The landscaped base of the 1.8 million square foot tower will open directly onto Hudson Boulevard, which will become the pedestrian spine of the re-developed neighborhood; while the first components of the 7-line extension are about to open, the image gives a better glimpse of the actual park, which is currently being sculpted. Fountains and trees dominate the layout — as well as the actual subway entrance — and the resulting green space will offer a pleasant respite from the hustle and bustle inside neighboring office towers.

3 Hudson Boulevard — image by Moinian/FXFOWLE

3 Hudson Boulevard’s base is also depicted in the images, and the park-facing side will be simple and modern, with little flair; the tower’s most iconic aspect will be its height, as it will approach the 1,100 foot mark. 300,000 square feet at the top of the building will be dedicated to condominiums, and Curbed has the run-down on those details in a post from last year.

Real Estate Arts’ nighttime rendering of the project gives a better idea of the project’s scale, which will be impressive. The form’s twisting motion adds to the tower’s vertical momentum, and as it rises, walls are whittled away, leaving the skyscraper to crest at an angular peak. The southwest corner of the base offers a marked departure from the side facing Hudson Boulevard, with a louvered facade that almost seems to mimic One World Trade Center.

Construction on 3 Hudson Boulevard is expected to begin this year or next, and 2017 is the project’s tentative completion date.

New Details: 3 Hudson Boulevard


3 Hudson Boulevard, image by FX Fowle

A tipster sent along the link for 3 Hudson Boulevard’s new website, which has all the details for the soon-to-be supertall, as well as views from the top of the tower. The project’s architect is FXFOWLE, and Moinian is developing; a recent report indicated that the project has secured a ground loan, which means that construction is now imminent.

3 Hudson Boulevard will stand 1,050 feet to its pinnacle, and will contain a mix of uses; tenants have the option of turning the entire building into offices, but given the incredible demand for elevated residences, condominiums on the upper floors would appear to be likely. The tower will total 1.8 million square feet, and the fact sheet has additional specifications.

The tower’s impact on the skyline will be significant, given its location on 11th Avenue, which guarantees permanent visibility from New Jersey — at least pending an eventual redevelopment of the Javits Center. While the largest buildings at Related’s Hudson Yards development will be taller, those towers will be located to the southeast; the skyscraper is directly to the north of 55 Hudson Yards.

View from the 60th floor looking south, image via Moinain

Views will be impressive, and the tower’s perspective over the Midtown skyline will be particularly noteworthy; the build-out of the rest of the neighborhood will enhance the vistas with additional architectural icons.

View from the 60th floor looking east, image via Moinian

Besides its elevated profile, 3 Hudson Boulevard will also contribute to the pedestrian sphere, and the project will front directly onto the new Hudson Boulevard and Park. Renderings reveal the fountains and landscaping that will define the tower’s interaction with the subway station, and the end result will greatly enhance a portion of Manhattan that is currently barren, creating a walkable and pedestrian-friendly environment.

Completion of 3 Hudson Boulevard is expected in 2018.

Inside Hudson Park and Boulevard


Mr. Mirante expressed confidence he could sign an anchor tenant in the next six months for the spot where Metropolitan Transportation Authority construction workers were digging out the first phase of the foundation.

“We’re working on it,” Mr. Mirante said. “We need an anchor tenant. Sign a lease now and the building can be built in 30 months.”
Sketches for the first phase of the green space at Hudson Park in the construction shed.
Foundation for 3 Hudson Boulevard.
Rendering of the lobby at 3 Hudson Boulevard. (Avison Young)

This tower is awesome!

My favorite in the Yards so far!

The incredible fact about the Hudson Yards is how many towers in such a short time span will rise. Not just in the yards itself, but the vicinity. Its crazy when you think about it, and it seems like towers are being considered every other day. This one is a jewel. Great design.


66-story tower a step closer to breaking ground

Moinian Group is expected to file for permits to break ground on its West Side tower at 3 Hudson Blvd., just north of Hudson Yards.

AUGUST 11, 2014 1:11 P.M.

Joe Moinian’s 66-story tower in the Hudson Yards district is expected to move one step closer to breaking ground Monday, when the developer plans to file for permits to build the spire at 3 Hudson Blvd.

After the permit is approved, which could take up to six months, the Moinian Group plans to begin its foundation work for the 1,050-foot-tall building, which is set to include retail, commercial and possibly luxury-residential space. It will rise on a full-block site bounded by West 34th and West 35th streets to the south and north, and 11th Avenue and Hudson Boulevard West.


The building is unusual in another aspect as well. Part of its foundation is shared with the new terminus of the No. 7 train, which is facing delays but will likely open next year. To finish the project, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority is leasing the Moinian site from the firm until summer 2015. The two projects are so closely intertwined that the MTA built some of the foundation for the 1.8 million-square-foot 3 Hudson Blvd.

The permit that the developer is filing this week will allow it to start building its portion of the concrete, below-grade structure alongside the public authority. The firm has decided it will be more efficient to simply hire the same contractor to do both parts, but that has not been finalized.

“It is safer, since we will not be building over an operating station, and it is cheaper for everybody,” Mr. Brecher said, noting that the arrangement will also save the MTA from having to build a temporary structure over the station once it is up and running.

Moinian hopes to have the foundation built up to grade by the fall of next year and to top out on building, designed by FXFOWLE Architects’ Dan Kaplan, in 2018. In a bid to make it more energy efficient, the structure will twist slightly as it rises, so the top floors face north and south.

7 Subway Opening:

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So they’re currently building 3 Hudsons foundations for which as soon as a tenant is found this tower can rise? :smiley:
Sounds like good news, and surely companies looking to move here will choose this site over others purely by the fact that it’s getting a head start!

Moinian, Brookfield Get Hudson Yards Tax Abatements Totaling $180M

The Moinian Group and Brookfield Properties today got approval from the New York City Industrial Development Agency, or NYCIDA, to receive tax abatement benefits for their respective Hudson Yards developments.

Moinian received the benefits at 3 Hudson Boulevard, a 1.8-million-square-foot mixed-use tower spanning a full city block north of Hudson Yards and across the street from the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. Brookfield secured the benefits for its 2-million-square-foot Manhattan West, at 401 Ninth Avenue, according to a spokesman for NYCIDA.

Moinian’s project is expected to cost $1.6 billion and Brookfield’s is slated to cost $2 billion, according to IDA documents. Moinian will be getting a $65 million tax exemption and is expected to generate $691 million in tax and new net revenue over a 25-year period while Brookfield will be getting a tax break of $115 million in exchange for generating $856.9 million in benefits to the city.

At 3 Hudson Boulevard, FXFOWLE has designed an 1,050-foot, 66-story building, between West 34th and West 35th Streets and 11th Avenue and Hudson Boulevard West. There will be 18,900 square feet of retail on the ground floor and then office space up to floor 46, according to building marketing materials. There will be a residential lobby and amenities on the 48th floor and residences on 49 to 63, although plans for residences are tentative. Avison Young‘s Arthur Mirante, who is one of the members of the team handling leasing at the building, said that once Moinian secures an anchor tenant, that tenant would be able to weigh in on the residential portion. There will be a sky club on the 66th floor.

“Under the terms of the process, Moinian has one calendar year from the date of approval to close with the NYCIDA, through an internal process and review, demonstrating that Moinian has procured sufficient financing to proceed with full construction of 3 Hudson Boulevard,” a spokesman for Moinian emailed. “After passing financing review, Moinian would then obtain a minimum 25 percent tax abatement on approximately 1.5 million square feet of commercial space.”

Brookfield’s project at 401 Ninth Avenue is proposed for the northeast corner of Brookfield’s five-acre Manhattan West and fronts West 33rd Street and Ninth Avenue. It will be 70 stories, with retail on the bottom floors and office space above, the NYCIDA documents show. Brookfield did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Since January 2002, NYCIDA has closed more than 330 transactions, drawing $11.8 billion in private investment to the city and helping to retain or create more than 103,000 jobs.

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Pics by me


So this is above street level now?

Its at street level. :slight_smile:

Awesome! I’m glad construction on this is moving along. Did they find a tenant or are they going with the ‘Field of Dreams’ mentality here?

I think that structure may be related to the subway/utilities work which has been ongoing.

I don’t think the tower is u/c.

so I think this is under construction but not sure… so we have a supertall here that has literally flown under the radar. Spent the last hour trying to find info on it. Nothing not much except a pic with signs around the site that say 3 hudson blvd and alot of cranes.

I’ve checked the NYC DOB BIS and don’t see any permits for this yet under 3 Hudson Blvd, 400 11th Ave nor 555 West 34th. The Moinan Group’s Twitter does have a teaser tweet though (3 Hudson Blvd Coming Soon).

This is not u/c. The work on the site is being performed by the MTA in connection with the station.

That being said, Moinian needs one 500k SF lease to start, and there are many companies looking for that amount of space.

well its definitely under the radar. Its probably the next supertall that will switch to u/c status and we know little more than we knew 1 year ago. I read the foundation work is done, the developer wrapped up its other massive project late last year (Sky, their 1100+ unit rental right up the street, which is far as I can tell is mostly rented out) so they should get this moving soon.

I chalk this us to it not being part of the 2 mega projects (Hudson Yards and Manhattan West) and did not have the Hudson “Spire” hype that allowed the Spiral to be better known.

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here is the most recent article that talks about this development