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Can this unparalleled metropolis get any better? It may be only about 34 stories, but I suspect that it will be utterly spectacular.

The building next door, 745 Fifth, is 34 floors and 435’ tall. Since LVMH’s site has no height limit. I suspect that the LVMH tower will be taller.


They’re going to demolish a limestone Cross & Cross with some nice Art Deco details. They better come up with something better.

1 E 57th was once beautiful, but it was violently defiled a la the Rapes of Lucre and of Prosperina.

I think that something absurdly lavish will rise here, and I’m glad to get rid of that goofy little Hublot building.

I wonder if they could get enough air rights from Churches and Synagogues to get to 900’. Could you imagine an LVMH hotel and condo at this site?

Let’s see what the future brings, the building which stood here around 1900 also looked very interesting.

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Sadly, it has been ruined. The frosted glass looks abhorrent.


watching 900 feet would be nice here


Although this site is small, I suspect that it could accommodate something like 220 CPS.

Or 520 Fifth


It’s exciting how all these luxury houses are either renovating their flagship stores or building trophy towers. I really like the current building though and hope the new tower would still have the same classical look. The small building that houses Hublot is also coming down. I wonder if the other brands under LVMH will also have some sort of renovation

It sounds like something amazing is going to rise here.

Bernard Arnault is the richest man in the world, and he’s clearly committed to NY.

Louis Vuitton Plans New Fifth Ave Flagship (

A new Fifth Avenue flagship store is coming for Louis Vuitton.

French luxury conglomerate LVMH is planning to build a property at the northeast corner of Fifth Avenue and East 57th Street, the New York Post reported. The property will serve as both a retail space and offices for the luxury brand.

The company is interviewing “starchitects” to decide who will design the building, sources told the Post. To make it come to life, LVMH will demolish the 19-story Louis Vuitton property at 1 East 57th Street, as well as the adjacent 743 Fifth Avenue, where Hublot — another brand owned by the conglomerate — has an outpost.

There’s no known height limit on the corner site, but Louis Vuitton would be limited by light and air setback requirements. As-of-right, the property could span more than 122,000 square feet, potentially more if it can acquire air rights from adjacent properties, like one that houses competitor Yves Saint Laurent.


your New York just keeps getting better…

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I still always hate when any article mentions height limits when few areas of NYC have height restrictions in general… Much less when they are located in one of the 2 CBDs of Manhattan.

But as a point of reference, no, if this were only built AOR with the Hublot lot it wouldnt be anywhere near the size of 220 Central Park South, it is over a third the size larger in allotted FAR in lot size. 27,604 SF vs 8181 SF. And even with additional air rights, it still wouldn’t be as big/tall as 220.

Neither is 520 5th Ave a good metric to go off either as it is over 4 times the size of an AOR development on this site and also has a larger lot area.

Lets just stop the trend of guessing what building a new development could be similar to as the comparisons are always widely and wildly off.


900 feet? What’s next for an invented height for this project?

When will these specifications of the “desired heights” actually come to an end?

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Why do you and TDVK possibly care what people speculate about?

No one knows how tall it will be. However, it’s safe to assume that it will be a spectacular tower.


@robertwalpole I don’t care about speculation, I welcome speculation, it’s a forum, opinions are allowed. What I don’t like is when people introduce discussions that are wildly inaccurate to what is being proposed because they do not fully understand nyc zoning, no matter how many time’s i’ve said the same thing pertaining to zoning, and FAR, and calculations, and floor area, and height, and everything relating to zoning in general… The introduction of these types of comments then creates what I consider “bad” speculation. Speculating, that a development could be the same size as a project over 3 times it’s size, is “bad” speculating and I’m not trying to cause an argument, that is simply just bad speculating.

@lowkeylion you’re clearly mistaken if you think I have an issue with height, which nowhere did I state I did or have I ever. If a proposal mentions that it will be X height, then it would be X height, there would be no need to speculate within a reasonable amount. But your head will equally be spinning to know that no such tower could be built in Manhattan due to the FAA, that’s a no brainer…

The overwhelming majority of us don’t know sites’ FAR, etc. The article said there’s no height limit and LVMH can acquire more air rights.

I don’t care how tall it is. I want it to be spectacular, and I’m confident that it will be.


Yes but height limit and FAR have no bearing with each other robert, that’s what I’ve been trying to explain to people! :+1: Height does bear relevance to FAR, but not a height limit. But what I’m trying to explain specifically in your comparison is that you were comparing a more than 3x the size development, to one that even with additional air rights, would still not be anywhere the same size. :+1: Understanding the lot area size allows people to make more educated guesses as to how large a building can be, but as we know lot area is not always proportional to the size, via 111W57th St (which still has a more than twice the size lot area compared to this site and a lot of air rights).

And that equally, residential FAR and commercial FAR are not the same thing, and there have been several instance where (not from you but just in general), people have made comparisons between residential towers and commercial towers, when they are not comparable to each other.

I just want people to be more informed that all :man_shrugging: That’s why I’m always advertising my Q&A because I want people to learn/teach people and not just on these forums, but instead, in regards to Yimby in particular, I frequently have to explain the same type of things over and over again.


We aren’t as educated as you are when it comes to the technicalities of architecture and construction, lol……

But i do appreciate learning!


I understand that fully, that’s a given and I apologize if I sound condescending :+1:, but it’s very easy to tell when something can’t be compared to something else based on size and/or program/function, that’s an aspect of speculating/ forming an opinions that doesn’t necessarily need “technical” based information.


I also invite everyone here in the forum to post their questions about planning and construction of skyscrapers in this topic:

Perhaps oh I as a historian can answer one or the other question.

And another comment to you @lowkeylion , I have created a separate topic about my Megatall concept titled Sky High Towers. These Twin Towers would be the tallest Twins in the world with a total height of over 2200 feet. This is just one concept of many I have.

Enough off-topic writing let’s get back to the real topic of 1E 57th Street, maybe we will see a similar rendering to the Rolex building here.

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