MIAMI | "18" (10 SW 8th Street) | 954 FT | 78 FLOORS

I’m not lying when I say that Miami is the NYC of the South.

Just check the Miami section for verification. :wink:

Can’t wait for renderings.
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960-Foot Tower Across From Brickell City Centre Has A Name: Brickell Market Place

The tower that could replace Brickell’s Burger King is named Brickell Market Place, according to a new filing by the developer.

If approved by the FAA, the tower will rise 954 feet above ground, or 960 feet above sea level. The proposal reached interim status with the FAA this week.

The Burger King strip mall at 10 Southwest Eighth Street is surrounded on all sides by active development sites, including Brickell City Centre, SLS Lux, Brickell Heights, and Solitair.

Brickell Market Place lists Grace Dillon, a project manager at Claro Development, as a contact for the project.
Credit: NXT

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Brickell CityCenter still has a supertall which will be built in the near future as well, correct?

Correct. And that one is moving along fortunately. Miami Central Phase II did splice the super tall component into two towers, but both which will hold the title for the tallest office and tallest hotel. So instead of getting 1,110 ft, we might be looking at 800 feet or so but in two towers.

Now with Brickell CityCentre Phase II, the super tall looks like it has a good chance of happening in Phase III which is 2017 and or 2018 depending on how the time table transitions. We can expect it to happen with phase 3, so we have to wait a tad bit more.

Brickell Market Place Approved At 960 Feet :slight_smile:

The FAA has approved plans for a tower called Brickell Market Place across from Brickell City Centre.

According the plans, the tower will rise 954 feet above ground, or 960 feet above sea level. That is taller than any building currently in Miami.

Approval came after a seven month review process.

A strip mall that includes a Burger King is currently on the site, located at 10 SW 8th Street. Active construction projects surround the property on all sides, including Solitair Brickell, SLS Lux and Brickell Heights.

Claro Development is listed as a contact in the FAA application.


Revealed: 78-Story Project To Replace Burger King In Brickell

The Owner of a strip mall across from Brickell City Centre has submitted plans to replace it with a project simply called “18”.

City Center Properties, LLC is proposing a 78-story tower, topping off at 950 feet above ground.

There will be four levels of retail on the lower floors, totaling 66,618 square feet. The upper levels will be residential, with 392 units.

The .78 acre project site at 10 SW 8th Street is surrounded by active construction projects on all four sides, including Brickell Heights, SLS Lux, Solitair, and Brickell City Centre.

NBWW is the architect. The project will be reviewed by Miami’s Urban Development Review Board next week.


More Renderings!



Is this actually being built ?

Proposal at the moment. Still needs to get approval. But the Urban Development committee will be impressed. This is super nice, and is a step above what was recently approved.

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Some info on the existing structure/parcel: 10 Sw 8Th St, Miami, FL 33130 - Property Record |

Location is prime.

Are all proposals in Miami proceeding?

I assume that there are perceptions of a glut.

Thing with Miami is that they are always mentioning a glut or an impending bubble, but its been relatively stable.

Granted there are something like 7-8 super tall proposals, some approved, but the pipeline has been transitioning to u/c with several towers along with large scale developments; World Center, Miami Central.

I think this has a good shot of rising. A lot of proposals are now u/c and in the range of 500-800 ft. Lots of residentials. I think the limiting reagent is office. I can see some of the super talls being downsized due to demand, but residentials is booming.

What the region needs are more towers with a price range of 600k to 3.5 mil. That range is hot right now.

Miami is not as quick when it comes to soft to hard cost transition like it is in NY, but a lot of proposals do get built. Just not at the speedy rate like in NY.

Thx, Chris.

I’ve always liked Miami.

It’s my sixth favorite US city.

My list is:

Boston ;
Chicago; and


Thats a great list. Boston btw is a treasure. For me personally, its NY, Seattle, and D.C. with 4th being SF.

Seattle is amazing.

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t as blown away by Chicago when I went there. Personally, I dig DC a lot more. Just a dynamic place really.

But Seattle holds a special place in my heart. Went there for the 1st time 2 years ago, and just loved the place at first sight. Besides NY, if I ever moved elsewhere from NJ, it would be Seattle.


My top 4 are NYC, SF, Miami, and Los Angeles


Here’s a list for the pipeline.


Renamed to: MIAMI | “18” (10 SW 8th Street) | 950 FT | 78 FLOORS

Note that “18” is the name. They just decided to call it 18 for some reason.

10 sw + 8th st = 18?


Anyway. It looks really good. I like that cladding on the retail base. Kinda reminds me a bit of that new medical building on fulton st in brooklyn.

That’s a good theory lol.


Approved by the FAA