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Chinese Want To Build Miami’s Tallest Tower In Brickell, Hire Arquitectonica (Updated)

China City Construction Corp. is one step closer to building the tallest tower in Miami.

Company officials traveled to New York on Monday to ink a deal with Arquitectonica for design work on a twin-tower project at the Capital at Brickell property. China City bought the vacant 2.78-acre site last year for $74.74 million.

China City wants to build the tallest tower in Miami, but it depends on several factors, including FAA height restrictions.

The company says that the project could top out at as high as 1,069 feet, taking the title of tallest in Miami thanks to newly eased height restrictions in the area. At that height, it would pass Tibor Hollo’s under-construction Panorama Tower, which is on track to become the city’s tallest tower in 2017 at 830 feet above sea level. Hong Kong-based Swire Properties received approval recently to build One Brickell City Centre at 1,049 feet.

It isn’t clear if both Capital at Brickell towers would reach the 1,069-foot height.

When completed, the project will include a hotel managed by a luxury operator such as Shangri La, Kempinski, or Aman Resorts. The total project size is expected to be 3.6 million square feet.

The company held talks this week with Brickell City Centre contractors John Moriarty & Associates and Bouyges Construction, along with Fortune International Realty.

China City also said that they will build a beach club in South Beach. Guests of the Brickell property will be able to use the club, which China City says is just a fifteen minute drive from the Brickell project. It will be built on six acres of land that they are calling the last developable beachfront parcel in South Beach. The location of the property wasn’t specified.


China City’s Brickell Project Will Include 3.2 Million Square Feet

China City Construction Group Holdings Limited provided on update on their massive Brickell project yesterday:

It is currently under design and planning
The gross floor area is approximately 3,200,000 sq. ft.
It will take about six years to complete the whole project, including its construction works
The Hong Kong-listed China City was formerly known as Chun Wo. The company purchased a $40 million stake in the project from a mainland China company with a similar name (China City).

The developers have previously estimated the cost of the project at $875 million, with top off of the twin towers at 1,069 feet. They had hoped to break ground in early 2016.

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Just did a translate on that page:

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these could be unique supertalls compared to the others in the USA. They’re simple like 432 Park, but with balconies that are seamlessly incorporated into the curvaceous design.



Brickell’s CCCC Towers site is set to be sold following a ruling from a Hong Kong judge.

China City Construction Corp. purchased the property in 2014 for $74.74 million, with plans to build Miami’s tallest tower.

Asia Allied Infrastructure bought a 45% stake in the project for $40 million from China City in 2015, valuing the property at $88.88 million.

China City Construction Corp. is insolvent and failed to develop the project in a timely manner, according to a lawsuit filed by Asia Allied in Hong Kong.

In a ruling issued in October, a Hong Kong judge ordered the property sold.

In 2007, Cabi Developers began excavating the site to build the Capital at Brickell twin tower project, which included two levels of underground parking. Fill was removed for the underground parking before the project was cancelled, leaving an empty pit in the heart of Brickell for almost a dozen years now.

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Potential for at least 1 Supertall here, developers rep made no mentions of heights but I’m assuming the 80 story tower will aim towards that 1,049-ft pinnacle.


They plan on breaking ground later this year. Looks like funding is secured, just needs approvals.




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This was approved by the FAA.

We are looking at 940 ft, with the others allowed at a max of 693 ft.

Financing is secured, and all three are expected to rise in the same phase (together). Cipriani Residences will be the 80 floor component on a side note.

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This is a nice project that is worthy of America’s tropical paradise.


Would love to hear @infoshare ’s take on these interiors.

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So we have a near supertall on the path to rise at 950 ft.

= = = = = =

Developer Of 80-Story Cipriani Residences Applies For Foundation Permit, Contractor Named

Three tower complex in Brickell is moving ahead with foundation permitting.

On September 9, contractor Moss Construction applied for a permit to begin foundation work at the 80-Story Cipriani Residences condo tower, Miami Building Department records show.

There’s also now another foundation permit in process at the property, for the area where two additional apartment towers are planned to rise 50 and 60 stories.

The second foundation permit for the shorter towers was also submitted by Moss, and was created on September 12.

Miami Dade’s DERM issued a dewatering approval needed for foundation work on September 12, records show.

The project will include three towers rising 80, 60, and 50 stories, with the tallest at 950 feet. According to a utilities agreement the combined project will include:

1,300 residential units (420 condos)
18,300 square feet of full service restaurant


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