JERSEY CITY | Journal Square 2060 Redevelopment Plan

Journal Square 2060 Redevelopment Plan

As adopted by the Jersey City Municipal City Council
July 14, 2010 – Ord. #10-103

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This plan is under fire from the local NIMBY councilman, Rich Boggiano. In December he convinced the mayor and the Planning Board to kill an as-of-right, 6-story building enabled by the plan. The building would have been a 6-minute walk to the PATH and would have replaced two dilapidated houses. Fulop is known as a pro-development mayor, but recently he seems to be throwing red meat to NIMBYs because it’s an election year. Fulop will start the process of revising the plan this year, with an eye to “preserving the character” of the area (a NIMBY dog-whistle for downzoning):

The 2060 plan is one of the most progressive and enlightened zoning codes in the NYC region–it has no minimum parking requirements, encourages high density, pedestrian-oriented development next to the PATH station, and medium-density development on side streets. At the same time, it contains provisions to preserve and landmark many historic structures within the area.

We should fight to preserve the density enabled by the plan. The Planning Division will be taking public testimony on the plan over the next year, and statements in support of the plan will be crucial in order to preserve as much of it as possible. I’ll be posting dates of public hearings here, and I hope that people will show up and be heard.


Please keep us up to date on the hearings. I could potentially attend some of them.


I called it. Fulop is throwing the plan under the bus for the sake of making deals with Boggiano :frowning:

In his Ward C state of the city speech, Fulop pledged to work with Boggiano on
one of the councilman’s pet issues, revising the Journal Square
redevelopment plan to discourage high-density developments in
residential neighborhoods.

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This one seems to be moving foreward. Probably nothing too tall if it will be 40-50 units. But the land had been vacant for over a decade I think.

Last week when I walked by.


413 Summit Ave has a rendering