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Revealed: 99 Hudson Street


99 Hudson Street – current view, via Google Maps

The first renderings are up for a new project in Jersey City that promises to bring 1,000 units to the waterfront; the images come from architect Alex Stark’s website – though the towers’ official design architect is unknown. China Construction America purchased the land last November, for $70 million.

99 Hudson Street — image via Alex Stark

An initial press release gave specifics for the site in 2012, and Stark’s website has additional information; the development will include street-front retail and a luxury hotel, in addition to the apartment buildings.

99 Hudson Street — via Google Maps

99 Hudson Street provides another signal that the boom in Jersey City is kicking into high gear. Several enormous projects are on the near-horizon, including a similar two-towered development further west, in Journal Square, two three-towered plans — dubbed Journal Squared and Urban Ready Living Harborside – as well as a host of high-rises that will rise in a singular manner.

99 Hudson Street — image via Alex Stark

While the previous press release indicates that 99 Hudson Street would become one of the top-five tallest buildings in New Jersey, things have changed significantly since 2012, and a number of competing projects are about to begin rising across the Hudson; the multi-component nature of the Urban Ready Living and Journal Squared plans should ensure that those developments take the superlative spots after 30 Hudson Street. Nevertheless, the scope of 99 Hudson will be quite large, and each of the towers will stand 60 stories tall, ensuring major prominence on the Jersey City skyline.

99 Hudson Street — image via Alex Stark

No completion date for the site has been announced, but the total cost is $450 million, and the economic impact of the development will be significant; 99 Hudson Street is expected to generate 2,000 construction jobs over a five year timeframe, which would also imply that work will be finished by 2019.

99 Hudson Street Gets Height Bump to 950 Feet, Will Become New Jersey’s Tallest Building


Back in May, YIMBY brought you the first renderings for a development project in Jersey City, at 99 Hudson Street. Now, we have learned that initial plans have been discarded, and that Perkins Eastman is designing a 950-foot tall tower that will become the tallest building in the state of New Jersey, though images are not yet available.

With the current boom just beginning to kick into high gear across Jersey City’s waterfront as well as its Journal Square neighborhood, the news surrounding 99 Hudson Street should hardly be surprising. The site’s old plan offered a two-towered configuration, and while we do not know specifics regarding the layout of the new plan, we do know that it has received a substantial height boost.

The changes are likely the result of the site changing hands, as China Construction America purchased it last year for $71 million. Hartz Mountain Industries and Roseland Property Company were the former owners, and had previously announced that 99 Hudson would total 1,000 units, and create over 2,000 construction jobs. Neither positive figure should waver much with the new developer.

The largest nearby project currently in the works is Urban Ready Living Harborside, which will yield three towers of fifty floors or greater. Perkins Eastman is also the architect behind Hudson Exchange West, a major mixed-use development located several blocks to the north. Given 99 Hudson’s location near the Exchange Place PATH Station, the project’s size is definitely warranted, and its 1.1 million square feet will transform a block currently occupied by surface parking.

Several similarly-sized opportunities await nearby, and in YIMBY’s recent interview with Jersey City’s Mayor Fulop, he mentioned both the plans by China Construction America, as well as a new tower by Goldman Sachs.

When complete, 99 Hudson Street will become the tallest building in all of New Jersey, topping nearby 30 Hudson Street’s 781-foot pinnacle by a wide margin. The list’s current #2 is the 548-foot tall Merrill Lynch Building at 101 Hudson Street, and while several current projects will rise substantially taller than that, none have yet been confirmed to surpass 30 Hudson.

A 95-story casino project has the potential to take the city’s crown by an even wider margin, though that plan is likely several years or more away from fruition, and no designs have been made public.


Proposed Jersey City condo tower would be tallest building in N.J.!/fileImage/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/box_650/jersey-city-building.jpg

A developer plans to construct a 760-unit condo building in Jersey City that, at 95 stories, would be the tallest structure in New Jersey, Mayor Steven Fulop said Tuesday

The building would be constructed at 99 Hudson St., a block from the Hudson River, by China Overseas America Inc. At 950 feet, it would be taller than the current tallest building in New Jersey, the 781-foot Goldman Sachs building at 30 Hudson Street in Jersey City.

“Our plan here is to continue building a world-class skyline and to continue leading the region in job creation with projects like this, and we couldn’t be more excited to attract hundreds of millions of dollars of investment into the city,” Fulop said in a statement.

Jersey City is in the middle of a building boom, with the highest number of homebuilding permits of any municipality in the state last year. Through November, the city had 1,320 building permits, out of a total statewide of 25,451, according to the state Department of Labor. Building permits are considered the best measure of housing construction on the state and local level, because the federal government doesn’t measure housing starts by state and municipality.

According to Fulop, the state is on track to become the largest city in New Jersey - passing Newark - in 2016.

The last large condo project in Jersey City was Crystal Point, a waterfront development that opened in 2009. Most of the recent multi-family development in Jersey City, and the rest of the state, has been rental. Demand for rentals has been on the rise since the housing crash and recession, as many households were unable to qualify for mortgages and others held off on buying after seeing housing values plunge during the crash.

The new proposal in Jersey City may signal that the market is shifting, with more demand for condos.

The Jersey City planning board is expected to vote on the 99 Hudson St. plan this evening. If the project is approved by the planning board and city council, construction is expected to begin this spring.


According to a source who went to the meeting tonight, this was approved at the meeting. Also, the rendering is a concept. Subject to change, but it will be 95 floors, and a height limit of 990 feet which does not include rooftop elements.

Also, this is nearly a million square feet.

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YIMBY was right! :smile:


January 28th, this will go to the Jersey City Council. Last night it was unanimously approved by the planning commision.

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Some nice renderings could be seen, including an aerial.

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Took this image using printscreen from the youtube clip.


This building will provide some of the best views in whole metropolis and is an axiom of proximity from the New Jersey shore! Watch the harbor bustle when this is finished! AND retail business will certainly take off in the neighborhood! Way to go!


New Jersey’s Future Tallest Tower Downsizes by 15 Meters

What will be New Jersey’s tallest building has shrunk a bit, but it will still tower over the competition.

The skyscraper set for 99 Hudson Street on Jersey City’s waterfront has been knocked down 15 meters to 271 meters. Additionally, it’s no longer 95 stories, but will instead stand at a humble 76. The state’s current highest building is the Goldman Sachs tower, also on the Jersey City waterfront, standing at 238 meters.

The tower proposal comes with about 697 square meters of public plazas, and the newest plans show 1,454 square meters of retail space, versus the 1,672 square meters initially announced.

Still, George Garcia, attorney for the developer, told The Jersey Journal that the 781-unit condo building will put Jersey City in rare company. Only 28 buildings in the United States are taller than 271 meters, and all but four are office buildings, according to data from the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat.

New York YIMBY reported on January 12 that the building has received approval from the FAA.

“It’s a signature project for Jersey City,” Garcia said. He added that construction on 99 Hudson Street is expected to begin in February.


Great news!

This is the Age of Ramses, lads!

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Awesome news!!

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Very excited for the height and bulk that this will bring to the coast.

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JC’s skyline is better than most other cities’.


I’m very pleased with this design. Grateful actually. A plus for my state. Now we just need to get Newark on the gravy train.

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I want to see that other tall Tower on Hudson St. rise.

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The Age of Ramses people!

Location: North America
Country: United States, New Jersey
City: Jersey City
Address: 99 Hudson Street
General information
Started: 2016 year
└ List of 2010s started buildings
Completed: 2019 year
└ Lsit of 2010s completed buildings
Technical details
Height: 270 meters
└ List of 250-300 meters buildings
Floor count: 79 floors
└ List of 50-100 floors buildings
Design and construction
Architect: Perkins Eastman Architects
Style: Highrise
Building Uses: residential


This tower would be cool to see it from One World Observatory! :smiley:


This is the Age of Ramses.