JERSEY CITY | 242 Hudson St (Harborside 8) | 719 FT | 68 FLOORS

Another big one coming. 680 apartments, 18,700 sq ft of retail. It will replace half of the huge parking lot on the corner of Second St & Hudson St.

This is Mack-Cali’s next project after 25 Columbus is done. They have filed an application for Planning Board approval:

No date set yet, but probably will be heard within the next month.

This is the site that Mack-Cali refers to as “Plaza 8” in their financial reports. They list a target start of 2020 in the report below, but their targets have been overly optimistic and pushed back in the past.

What’s crazy is that this building will only fill up half the parking lot. Mack-Cali is planning an even bigger tower on this site for the rest of the lot (“Plaza 9”) which will have 1,060 apartments!

EDIT: Conceptual rendering (unknown if this is the actual design):


Wow, that’s great news! That makes two 700+ within walking distance of one another. And that’s not even including Urby or other proposed towers nearby. Here’s hoping they get those PATH improvements done quickly… Haha


ANOTHER one? I’m loosing track of all the JC projects


More apartments will be finished in Jersey City (15 sq mi, 270,000 population) this year than in all of Manhattan (23 sq mi, 1.6 million population).

More apartments will also be finished in Hudson County (47 sq mi, 690,000 ppl) than in Brooklyn (98 sq mi, 2.7 million ppl)


Is it possible the second tower will be a supertall?


I feel like it easily could be a supertall with over 1000 units. FAA review is probably the only thing that could hinder this. I don’t think there are height restrictions in that area.


Yeah, but the FAA review is a big deal. Given the proximity to EWR, I doubt they’d let them go over 950 feet. 99 Hudson was capped at 899 feet and is less than a mile away.


Is there any parts of JC that could potentially sprout a super tall? Since the Journal Square area was also stymied by the FAA as well.


I hope there are areas like this one which could be approved by the FAA. It’s not that far from downtown NYC where there are plenty of supertalls already.

On the other hand, when the winds are crazy at Newark they often jump to runway 29 which has planes going north to south directly over jsq before turning west over the Newark bay extension bridge. So I understand the heigh limits in jsq. And downtown JC is not far from jsq.

So who knows. :man_shrugging:


JerseyDigs posted this rendering. I believe this rendering is from Mack-Cali’s investor presentations not from planning documents, so I don’t know if that’s what it will actually look like:


the Ocho!

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JerseyDigs always has old news, anytime you post a JerseyDigs article you should do a search on the website to see if there’s already a thread.


So there are really three potential 700 ft.+ towers on this site.

JC skyline will be incredible 10 years from now.


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Thanks for the post. :beer:

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JC keeps rising

Earlier this month, a corporation named Plaza VIII & IX Associates LLC applied to the city’s planning department seeking approvals for a new project. The company is a subsidiary of Mack-Cali’s Roseland Residential Trust and the parcel they would develop is a 169,000-square-foot surface parking lot located at 242 Hudson Street and 3 Second Street.

The vision for the land is bold, as the development would construct a 68-story building that rises just over 708 feet at the highest point. The mixed-use project, which has been referred to as Harborside 8/9 by Mack-Cali in the past, would feature 680 residential units paired with 18,662-square-feet of commercial space.

A total of 505 parking spaces would be included in the development, 329 of which would be inside a garage within the building. The remaining 176 would be located on a portion of the surface parking lot set to remain under the plans. Boston-based Elkus Manfredi Architects is listed as the architect of record on the company’s application.

The units inside Harborside 8/9 would break down as 206 studios, 266 one-bedrooms, 183 two-bedrooms, and 25 three-bedrooms. Because the property falls within the East Waterfront District of the Harsimus Cove Redevelopment Plan, no affordable units are included in the proposed project, as none are required to be.

A revision to the layout of the nearby Lutze Biergarten is included in the plans, which appears to be the first building of three that are envisioned at the site. Per the application, only 21% of the lot will be covered by the proposed building and conceptual renderings from Mack-Cali’s recent reports show three structures of similar height rising on the land.

The proposed building’s impact on the skyline would be significant. Including structures either built or currently under construction, this development would be the sixth tallest in the state behind Atlantic City’s Ocean Resort Casino. If you include the recently-approved Avalon Tower and the currently-stalled 30 Journal Square, Mack-Cali’s latest proposal would still rank as the eighth tallest in New Jersey.

Back in February, Jersey City’s planning board approved Mack-Cali’s application to subdivide the land and that reality indicates that this proposed high-rise might not be the last one that emerges at the property. Mack-Cali submitted plans for the tower to the city on October 1, but a date hasn’t been set for the planning board to hear the application.


This is going to be a great addition.


Noticed these fences and some cones here over the weekend. Probably nothing yet.


It hasn’t gone before the Planning Board yet, so it’s going to be a while.

It goes up before the Planning Board at the next meeting. Approval is pretty much guaranteed.

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Ever since JC changed their website about a year or two ago I have no idea where to find that information (although it seems they’ve updated it since and I can see past agendas, but not future ones). Makes sense that it wouldn’t move THAT fast, although Mack Cali does have it as a 2020 Priority Start in their investor package, along with Harborside 2.


Yeah I use, which publishes all public notices that appear in the Jersey Journal., including Planning/Zoning Board agenda items. Unfortunately the search functionality is really clunky.