JERSEY CITY | 201 Hudson St (Urby II & III) | 736 FT x 2 | 69 FLOORS x 2

Phases II and III of the downtown JC Urby project are back in play, with a new development application made today. See the Phase I thread here: JERSEY CITY | 200 Greene St (URL Harborside) | 713 FT + FT + FT | 69 + 70 + 65 FLOORS - #78 by JC_Heights

Not much info other than the heights and this description:
Proposed mixed use project with two towers consisting of 1,606 units, of which up to 164 shall be designated with a hotel use; a health club, and retail uses; and 272 parking spaces (with a valet option).


EDIT: renderings/site plan below: JERSEY CITY | 201 Hudson St (Urby II & III) | 736 FT x 2 | 69 FLOORS x 2 - #11 by apophenic


From what I heard I dont think they’re aiming for three towers anymore. Just another one and done. Is this pdf new?

This site has always been a three-towered plan. But yeah, looks like there are some use changes, and now a hotel component.

But great news this is finally getting finished.


No they were talking about reducing the 2nd phase even pre-covid. I also spoke with a leasing agent in ~2019 and they said tower 3 was never being built.

Not sure what the plan is now

The plan now is what I posted above: two towers and 1,606 units in towers 2 and 3. What I posted above is an official government application submitted yesterday by the developers of the site…sorry I didn’t make that clear before. I’ve edited my OP to clarify.

JerseyDigs is not a reliable news source. Their incorrect reporting on Urby just proves it yet again.

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Yeah, overall not much of a change from the 2012 plan (can’t tell if the architectural design has changed though). Net difference of 8 units added, I believe, and the potential of a hotel use as you said. And apparently the height of one tower reduced by a floor, while the other gained 4 floors. Unless the height section of the application form is not correct/complete, which is possible…the application form doesn’t really have enough room to write out all the details of multi-tower developments.

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Oh awesome. Wasnt sure if that was an old doc. That’s exciting to hear.

This would explain why Smorgasburg moved parking lots. They must be planning to start construction before October. More evident given this application.

With 1600+ units this will probably breath life into Harborside.


I doubt this is the reason they moved. The new lot is connected to smorgasbar which is their other venture. Tbh id be surprised if they start anything this year


Urby 1 has already done quite a lot for the streetscape. Lots more people walking around in those areas, even weekdays. Plus the retail additions have been great!

Depending when this application goes in front of the Planning Board, it’s still a possibility they can have foundation permits by the end of the year just to start.


Here it is. Design appears largely unchanged from the original…only the heights changed, as I mentioned before. The two towers will go up in a single phase:


exciting. This will seriously boost the Downtown JC skyline. Just the one Urby tower by itself was a big addition.


Link to the document?

Sorry! Big file:


I love documents like this, so much larger and full of details. Philadelphia city documents arent like this, and most diagrams are low quality, but this is perfection


Actually, there’s definitely a change from the rendering YIM showed above. The middle one goes straight up with no protrusions and intrusions. The one on the left has vertical protrusions. Glad it varied a little, adds some variety. Also really happy with the way the buildings meet at street level. This area has been really busy since Smorgasburg opened across the street, so the retail space will do really well I’m sure. Great news for the city!


good eye!


JC is crazy!

Easily number 2 behind Manhattan. Brooklyn does have a supertall on it (a high quality one at that) but JC is just putting up so much!

(Well after all the under construction and proposed are done anyways. Also it depends on what you’re looking at. BK certainly has a lot more, well everything but the tallest, but just from a skyline perspective JC.)


Thats awesome if they build both towers in one phase. Any idea on potential start timeline?

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No. They typically have five years after site plan approval to start. Since they haven’t even gotten site plan approval yet, I think it will be at the very least a year before shovels in the ground.