YIMBY Forum Meet-Up

We will be having a forum meet-up at 5:30PM on 12/18 @ the Riechenbach Beer Hall on 37th Street. Please RSVP below!

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That date and time is perfect for me! :smile:

Count me in amigos!!!

Will be there!

Awesome! There’s a great German beer hall on 37th. I’ll circulate some ideas !

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That sounds great! I’m open to options, but so far I can see that being pretty interesting!

This is the place I was thinking of. Reichenbach Hall is a great German beer hall.


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Pinned the topic til 12/18 so all can see!

Come one, come all, just RSVP in this thread. :smile:

…edited initial post to reflect above details btw, just for clarity.

I should be able to come.

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I’ll be there!

I look forward to seeing you chaps!

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Great choice for a meet up! Looking forward.

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As am I, amigo!

Guys, any places you’d recommend to eat at throughout my week in NY? Of course reasonable prices would be appreciated :wink:


Send me a PM.

I’ll give you ideas.

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I’d like to attend. See you there.


At Toronto Airport, will be arriving in New York in just over 2 hours, see you guys tomorrow!