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Update on 8 Chester Avenue:


I haven’t seen any construction updates on any of these projects

A lot of progress has been made on these projects but the problem is that there isn’t much coverage on them.

I wish there were construction updates to that on yimby

What’s being built on the big site

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What is this site at 60 South Broadway, at what used to be the “Westchester Pavilion” complex, that is shown in the post immediately above?

Whatever the developers planned there has been stalled for years.

What a shame this lot is likely headed towards becoming White Plains’ own version of Stamford’s “hole in the ground”, which was vacant for nearly a half century before being developed as the “Urby” apartment complex.

The developers keep selling and buying, but nothing is happening.


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which project is this?

Hamilton Green.

Screenshots via ASF_Construction


I need to make it a mission to visit and walk around WP. Been meaning to try out Wolf and Warrior brewery since it opened but never stopped by, and also see how that highrise project on Mamaroneck Ave turned out.

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We have an update on this project, which is now referred to as “Adora Row” and has the address of 80 Westchester Avenue and 50-62 Franklin Street.

Basically, it’s delayed for now.

The Toll Brothers project originally was known as The Collection. In July of 2019, the Business Journal reported that the original developer Saber Chauncey WP LLC sold the project to Toll Brothers for $32 million. At that time the cost to build the project was estimated at $136.2 million. Toll Brothers is asking for extension of its approvals to Nov. 7, 2024.

Attorney David Steinmetz of the White Plains-based law firm Zarin & Steinmetz LLP told a special meeting of the city’s Common Council on Nov. 27 that Toll Brothers faced unavoidable delays on the Adora Row project due to the Covid pandemic and that significant deterioration in the capital markets environment and increases in the costs of construction have affected the financial viability of the project. He said that the developer has been in talks with city staff about making changes in the project that would allow it to be built. The changes being contemplated include increasing the number of residential units by about 50 to about 326 from the currently-approved 276 units. The currently planned 20,547 square feet of commercial space would remain the same. The current number of parking spaces, 753 with 275 spaces dedicated to White Plains municipal parking, might need to be adjusted. He indicated that a new building design was being worked out.

. . .
The Westchester Avenue portion of the Toll Brothers project was to have 90 apartment units in three stories above retail space. On the back end of the property, on Franklin Avenue, an 11-story residential building was to have 186 units. The design included a parking garage on the first four stories of the apartment building on Franklin Avenue. Two pedestrian pathways were to connect Franklin and Westchester Avenues with a crosswalk to be added for pedestrians to more easily cross Westchester Avenue.

“A variety of economic factors have presented challenges to get the project off the ground as originally designed and conceived,” Steinmetz said. “We are now working with your professional staff on some modifications of the project to ensure its viability. We have not fully come to closure on the exact design and the parking, etcetera. We are quite close but until I file that and submit that formally I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself. Suffice it to say, so that when I come back to you hopefully in a month or two it will be some additional units, it will be some modification of the project. It will still be a mixed-use project with residential and retail at the first floor. There would still be a parking garage constructed for the benefit of the City of White Plains. It will be more than adequate parking and most importantly there will be a viable project that includes even more affordable housing units included within it.”

Steinmetz said that Toll Brothers is committed to the project and they look forward to breaking ground for Adora Row as soon as possible.

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They were being required to build 3 parking spaces for each apartment…753 parking spaces total…about $25-$40 million just to build the parking…I’m shocked the developer determined that was not economically viable to build…


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Update for this site is here:

Lennar Multifamily Communities, through its business affiliate Maple and Broadway Holdings LLC (“Quarterra”) has approvals to develop 60 South Broadway, which formerly was the site of the Westchester Pavilion Mall. It is looking for the approvals to be extended until March 4, 2024, and then expects to go through the extension request process again.
. . .
Attorney Neil Alexander of the White Plains-based law firm Cuddy & Feder, who is representing Lennar’s Quarterra, said that it is likely that Lennar would need to ask for additional time extensions in the future for the approved project at the former Pavilion Mall site. Lennar’s project would have 814 apartments in two towers with 28,014 square feet of commercial space, a park covering 18,580 square feet and parking for 957 vehicles.
. . .
Alexander said that Lennar is not “getting to the finish line” for its project at the former Pavilion site. Mayor Tom Roach pointed out that the site has been empty for some time and something needs to be done.

“You’ve got a hotel across the street that just put a lot of money into their hotel and they have been really patient staring at that site,” Roach said.

Alexander said that the problem goes back to 2015 and 2016 when “people who are no longer with Lennar in any capacity made a decision to acquire the site for way too much.” Alexander said that an amended site plan that was previously approved with changes to the original design was an attempt to get the project on track. He said that the grade change of the site from South Broadway down to Hale Avenue makes it difficult to unlock a small portion of the site for temporary use as a community amenity of some sort until actual project construction can begin in the future.

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52 North Broadway

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