UWS ABC development

This is about the ABC site. Potential for 1,600 ft and 1,200 ft supertalls based on this study

It was meant to be fearmongering by Nimbys but is just useful data for us.

I think it’s possible a megatall could rise here if Extell foregoes the 2 towers Idea.

I’ve seen some comments (mainly on ssp) that these are unrealistic massings and that extell is likely to go for an office tower on such a large site. I doubt both of these claims.


Seperating this and 50 West 66th as they are different projects and across the street from each other


Yes, I was seperating it from that specific development. Is this not across the street? Regardless it took me forever to find it when I remembered this site even exists so I just think this will be easier.

Ofc delete if you see fit or whatever


Oh dang. Sorry about this but I just got confused on the naming and thought we didn’t have a thread on this. My fault, lock this one or delete or whatever.

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