NEW YORK | 36-44 West 66th Street | 25 FLOORS

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is this not


I’d prefer not to have glass buildings on the UWS.

I think it’s a separate project.

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It looks like it’s one of the old ABC buildings. I thought that Silverstein had acquired them all.

There seems to be some confusion here.

This article leads to the new 775’ tower by Snohetta that is already rising.

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Yeah, i’m pretty certain “50” West 66th is just a vanity address and that tower was spawned from this assemblage. I could be wrong, but I remember that rendering and diagram floating around before the Snohetta design was unveiled and NIMBYs were crying about a bait and switch. Also, the Snohetta design is the one being referenced in the article about being built with large void spaces, which was another issue for the NIMBYs.

I’m pretty sure you’re right. There’s only one project going on on this large site. Across the street on the North side of 66th we’ll eventually see some of the redevelopment of the ABC buildings Robert mentioned. There’s also the ESPN building directly to the West. The red dot indicates where the 50 West 66th address should be. I guess 40 wasn’t an even enough number.

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