STAMFORD | 3 Landmark Square | 320 FT | 31 FLOORS

3 Landmark Square is a low-rise office building (6 floors) that is part of the Landmark Square office complex in downtown Stamford.

It was built around 1976, has 134,000 square feet of office space and is at 38% occupancy. There’s a proposal to tear down it and replace it with a 31-story 400-apartment tower (20 studio, 180 one-bedroom, 180 two-bedroom, and 20 3-bedroom units) with 420 parking spaces. The proposal will not affect 1 Landmark Square, which is one of Stamford’s tallest buildings.

However, part of the building along Atlantic Street to the north of the existing 3 Landmark Square (which is 4 stories high and is called 2 Landmark Square) will also be demolished.

Basically, the new building will take up the whole east side of Atlantic Street between Veterans Park and 46 Atlantic Street.

At 320 feet this would become Stamford’s second-tallest building (Park Tower at 1 Broad Street is 350 feet). There is also a proposal to build an even taller building on Washington Boulevard (see here: STAMFORD, CT | 677-707 Washington Blvd | 423 FT | 34 FLOORS).

Here is what will be torn down:



That’s great news!

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This looks great. Build it and they will come.


Stamford is attracting some really beautifully designed projects!


Stamford is a great little city that’s better than 85-90% of the American “cities.”

Has anyone here ever been Desmoines, Iowa, Columbia, SC, Winston-Salem, NC, Akron, OH, Lubbock, Tx, etc.? I’d need Prozac delivered via an IV drip if I lived in any of those places. Stamford is far superior to all of them.


Is there article about this?

Local news is dead, so you’re not going to see any articles about this.

You are more than welcome to peruse the Planning Board application here:

click on: (application # 223-12)

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Unanimously approved by Planning Board; now goes to Zoning Board