STAMFORD, CT | 677-707 Washington Blvd | 423 FT | 34 FLOORS

  • 34 floors
  • 406 residential units
  • 537 parking spaces
  • 36,880 sq ft of ground-floor retail space
  • 382.5 ft to roof (top of 34th floor)
  • 402.5 ft to bulkhead roof
  • 422.5 ft to top of screen
  • current tallest in Stamford is Trump Parc (1 Broad Street) at 350 feet

Planning Board application files here:


these two blocks in the downtown core are going to be really transformed.


I predict a building in Stamford will surpass Hartford’s 537 ft City Place as CT’s tallest building within the next decade.


Wow, Stamford will be really different once this goes up

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Nice, basically a 423 ft. tower. Stamford and New Rochelle are really growing up.

I feel Port Chester and Norwalk can up their game too. Both have good urban environments and are building lots of midrises, but could use some highrises.


As well as Bridgeport. Some developments are rising there too but I feel the city should have some highrises

Port Chester rezoned for denser buildings but not for substantial 20+ floor high rises iirc.

the proposal seeks to raise the maximum height of buildings around the train station from 10 to 12 stories, while keeping the height on South Main Street limited to six stories. New maximum building heights on North Main Street would be increased from five stories to six.


Found an article without a paywall

Probably will be beat to death by NIMBYs.


demand is hot right now for homes outside of NYC. I don’t see much opposition happening.

The pandemic will be long over when this is completed. Demand in the suburbs is already dropping, as the pandemic peters out.

But, yeah, I don’t imagine much opposition. This is right downtown, isn’t gonna block views, or change the character of anyone’s residential block.