Sepulveda Pass Tunnel project

Dear Everyone:
I am a new member of this forum. I have been lightly active in pedestrian and bicycle issues for years. I am a member of my local neighborhood counsel (SONC) committee on traffic and transportation.

We are forming a group to advocate for a public transportation tunnel in the Sepulveda Pass. We are concerned that without a solid YIMBY force, the NIMBY’s will derail it, dilute the possibilities, or stall it. Our intention is to become a force to create focus, demand, and develop a solid political base.

Our desired goals are:

  1. Ensure the project goes from the Orange Line in the Valley to the Purple Line in West LA;
  2. that the project includes a continuous bike lane from these two points (it presently goes from Mulholland tunnel to just south of Ventura Blvd).
  3. Identify stakeholders and build momentum.

Any support would be appreciated. At this point we are just two people, but we need help. A website is in the works, and I am considering starting a nonprofit so we can get financial support.


Here’s my webpage for our group:

They estimate that over 106,000 trips will be made on this tunnel daily, and if they underestimated this like they did the Expo line, it will be much more popular than that. Thanks.