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I am glad Austin is finally expanding its subway. They already have a very nice frequent underground subway to Leander, but they definitely need more.


Looks like there probably won’t be an underground subway in downtown after all.


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Why was that outdated article posted?

There won’t be a subway in Austin. There’s just no money for that type of project. It’s unfortunate, but it’s something folks’ll have to get around to accepting.

Some updates on Austin, Texas transit projects.

As I’ve said before, they won’t be getting a subway. Maybe they’ll get a surface light rail like Houston, but an underground train is out of the question for now.

They are supposed to get a few more BRT-lite bus lines for the east side. They may open in a couple years.

Also, the existing regional rail line (Austin-Leander) is getting an infill station next to the new soccer stadium. It will open about a year from now. A nearby infill station (Broadmoor) appears to be under construction as well.


They’re gonna repeat the mistakes of big drop off cities. Namely Detroit. Should have built the subway when it had the chance.

But at least they’re getting something.

Now they’re actually claiming that not building a subway means they’re more “urbanist.”

“While a subway downtown would be cool, some urbanists would prefer to see the activity at grade”—the technical term for street-level—Riley said. “One upside to having light rail at grade is it would require taming car traffic downtown to avoid conflicts with rail. The Drag will be a great place once cars are out of the picture. We could use some streets like that downtown, too.”

These people don’t know anything about how cities function.


None of this will be underground:


The cost is ridiculous

Austin may not be getting a new subway, but they are getting a new bus shelter. In Texas, that’s a huge deal.

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A new infill station on Austin regional rail will open later this month.