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Seems like the Age of Ramses is spilling over to Seattle :smile:

101-story skyscraper on Seattle’s Fourth Avenue proposed

A Miami-based developer is proposing a 101-story mixed-use building at the corner of Fourth Avenue and Cherry Street that, if built, would be Seattle’s tallest skyscraper and the tallest on the West Coast.

The property owner, Costacos Family Limited Partnership of Seattle, has filed papers to turn a parking lot into a skyscraper, records show.

But other public records indicate Miami-based Crescent Heights is the project’s true developer and that the Costacos family has an agreement to sell the half block to a partnership affiliated with Crescent Heights.

In early September, representatives of Crescent Heights met with city planning officials to discuss requirements for its project. About a week later, the Costacos family recorded a document that indicates it sold the property in May to a Delaware limited-liability partnership that is affiliated with Crescent Heights.

The proposed structure would contain 1,200 residential units, 150 hotel rooms and 167,150 square feet of office and retail space, according to Seattle’s planning department.

The high-rise could block the west-facing views of the city’s tallest skyscraper, 76-story Columbia Center. The tallest skyscraper on the West Coast is U.S. Bank Tower in Los Angeles, according to the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat. The 73-floor building rises to a height of 1,018 feet. The Columbia Center in Seattle is 933 feet high.


Good find Chris!

The only other news I could find about this. Very short article, but hey, news is news… Lol

“DOWNTOWN – Crescent Heights Inspirational Living, which is apparently a developer and not some weird religious organization, has paid $48.75 million for a property at 701 Fourth Avenue and has plans to build a 1.2 million-square-foot, mixed-use tower. Plans call for 840 residential units, 160,000 square feet of office, 30,000 square feet of retail and 400 parking stalls. [DJC]”


** Document:**


From SSC: a new 100 floor design by SOM.

This was the previous design by ODA:


Per Zapatan:
From a while ago (December) but this is the latest news

Miami company buys old Seattle garage next to where it’s planning 100-story tower…le-garage.html

Per Urbannizer:

Plans finally resubmitted to the city and feature a new design.

91 floors / 1,020 Ft’
1,090 residential units


Every couple years they come out with a redesign for this tower

Ha yep! Fortunately this is the best one yet. I really love the (potential) interplay of this white tower with its hard lines, directly next to the black, curvy Columbia Center. King and Queen of the skyline.

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Per Urbannizer:


When this gets going the West Coast will have 5 supertalls at least in construction. The 3 currently standing, 50 Main in San Fran, and this one.q
Though it pales in comparison to the East Coast.

Also a good example of floor count not determining height.
30% more floors than 270 Park, almost 400 ft shorter

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No longer a supertall. Getting a 150 ft cut

That was the cut from 1,200 ft. Its still a supertall

Floor counts can’t be compared with different functions/programs as it relates to floor count to height ratio, to be fair, this is a residential tower not an office tower, so it’s obvious there will be a massive discrepancy because residential floors are not as tall as commercial floors, especially as it relates to 270 Park Ave.

A better comparison would be Central Park Tower has 8 more floors but is 530’ taller.


Ja Ja

Crescent Heights is selling its property in Seattle: