Roosevelt Island Transport Hub | FT?


What they really should do is, place a nice sized tower on top of the tramway hub (or behind it)

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NY should expand the tramway/Gondola system.

Similar to this

Teitelbaum has in store a gondola system in his development proposal.

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What proposal? Can you link?

It’s from LIC to Roosevelt island. Landowner wants 'green energy' plant built on NYC waterfront

That proposal looks awesome, didn’t know that was even happening. That whole side of the river is turning into a new skyline.

And yeah that Gondola would be great

Yup. Beautiful proposal. Idk if there’s thread for it. It’s one of those “under the radar” developments

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Very under the radar. Btw do you know what the outlined towers are in that image? The ones to the left of that development

These? Silvercup development that never came to fruition that you posted about today

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Oh yes. The one that went from the awesome design to the boring regular towers to not happening anyway