NEW YORK | The Future of Staten Island (Development/Urbanization)

Staten Island is an untapped, amazing area for potential real estate development and urbanization. (Think St George.)

This discussion pertains to the future urbanization/current developments on Staten Island. Why is this area so behind in terms of development? Why don’t we see more waterfront development here? It is a travesty that Saint George with views of the Downtown skyline is just a huge outlet mall and lacks development.

NOTHING against JAMAICA or MOTT HAVEN, but even THOSE areas have more development ongoing than SI. Sheesh, at least some decent 30 story buildings would do along the waterfront. Local politics perhaps the issue?

It’s time to open the pipeline for future development in SI

Do you think by 2040 we will see mid to high-rises enveloping around Saint George.

Some ongoing developments to ponder, although status unknown (to my knowledge)



Jamaica and Mott Haven are connected to the rest of the city by the Subway. Staten Island lives up to the Island in its name. It’s just…an island. All the way across the harbor. There’s a reason they call it the forgotten borough. There has been an effort to develop the North Shore, but Empire Outlets has not lived up to the hype (thanks particularly to covid) and The NY Wheel fell through. There was also the Lighthouse Point development that stalled out and never completed.


ugh… even with the ferry, it’s just not feasible. I sincerely wish decades ago they would’ve planned out an ultra fast subway connection to the island. It would likely be double the amount of time/ the trip of what it takes to get to 125th from 59th on the express (at the same speed, that is).

Truly a failed borough in terms of development. So sad.

there’s still that stub of a tunnel under the narrows at owl’s head park… if that, or a similar crossing is ever to be completed, urbanization of the island would definitely become more attractive to developers

Staten Island indeed holds vast potential for real estate development, particularly in areas like St. George with its scenic waterfront views. The slower pace of development compared to other boroughs like Jamaica or Mott Haven could be attributed to various factors, including local politics, zoning regulations, and perhaps historical patterns of investment. Despite its proximity to Manhattan and the appeal of its waterfront, St. George has seen limited development beyond the notable outlet mall.