PHILADELPHIA | 501-21 Spring Garden | 153 FT | 12 FLOORS

Permits Issued For 12 Floor Tower In Northern Liberties

The new tower will stand 12 floors tall and feature three commercial spaces on the ground floor. Rumors suggest that an Amazon Grocery Store will occupy on of the spaces, although nothing has been confirmed. 373 residential units will be built with the project, just adding more and more to NoLibs, its becoming like Center City 2.0 up there. The 477,704 square foot tower will cost a projected $88 million to build.

I really like the design for the tower, and I can’t wait to see it get built. No work has yet been made to the strip mall, but now that permits have been issued, the developer could more forward with the project.

BLT Architects Designed the tower.


Whoever decided that this neighborhood should be abbreviated “No Libs” is way overdue for a spanking.


Haha-i agree, pretty bad name. For the most part, I only use Norhtern Liberties, only used THAT abbreviation to save time. Doesn’t seem like a great name to brand your development off of, trying a little too hard to be like New York

This is right across the street from Yards brewing. Not a bad spot, if you’re a beer lover :beer:


There is a lot of potential for additional density in this area. I am looking forward to these projects potentially snowballing into more and more.

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According to a PHL Business Journal Article, this tower is expected to start in July or August, meaning that the horrible strip mall will finally be demolished! This tower will help pave the way towards a better Spring Garden Street, hopefully lined with more high rises of this scale someday.

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