PHILADELPHIA | 1021 North Hancock Street | 14 Floors | FT

Zoning permits have been filed for a new 14-story, 280 unit tower in Northern Liberties. It will be just one block south of Piazza Terminal, which is brining three towers to the Nor Libs skyline. It will be developed by Post Brothers. For more information, read this article:

Renderings (It’s the white tower):

It will be replacing a small and squat commercial building used by Post Brothers for offices.


Really cool rendering of the future NoLibs skyline! Piazza Terminal is brown in this one instead of black, and 1021 Hancock is a darker shade of tan. Also notable is the two new Multifamily buildings on the left side of the image being developed by Post Brothers. Not sure what the building with the grass roof is though-maybe a future office building proposal?


A CDR filed is up for the project!

View It Here