OKLAHOMA CITY | Boardwalk at Bricktown/Legends Tower | 1,907 FT | 134 FLOORS

There are many reasons this is a stupid project, but wind is not one of them.

This shouldn’t be news to anyone, but the NY Post is a ridiculous joke.


I don’t think it’s a stupid project. At all! I applaud the developers for this bold move. I hope it is the motivation for other developers to come up with “bold” “outlandish” projects not only in big cities NYC (I keep saying NYC needs to remove the 1776ft height cap) , but also other lesser-known cities like OKC.

This isn’t stupidity, but it’s the beginning of a new evolution of developers taking bold chances at striking developments that break the norm or break the limits of zoning. What also comes to mind, in SF:


I agree. Lots of people are asking “Why build the tallest in OKC?” My question is “Why not?” They believe they have the money, and they definitely have the ambition, so let them build.

Frankly this should be a more common thing. Get some ambition.


No guys, it is stupid. Not because we don’t think OKC is the wrong place. The economics of it do not make sense. And most importantly, the developer has a shady history of essentially not delivering anything and running away with people’s money. We don’t know know if the developer has the money, they just said they do. Companies lie all the time, especially the ones by this developer. There is a difference between hopeful and being naive.

If it gets built, great, hopefully that motivates other cities to build higher in the US. But just because you want something to be built does not make the project less stupid. It is very stupid. If built, it will be a financial failure for the developer, full stop. No one is filling dozens of floors of luxury residences in OKC. They struggle to do that in many of our biggest cities, let alone OKC.


You just wrong. Pretty sure I’ve already gone through this argument before, and it’s just as dumb an argument as the first time around. This isn’t a 57th street supertall and it’s not going to sell at those prices, nor did anyone expect it too. That’s why it has thousands of residences, not 60. And hotels, and retail, and entertainment. It’s almost like this has been thought of.

And? So nothing will happen in that scenario. So you still don’t have anything to complain about except to just complain. It’s not your money, there is zero reason for you to care. The people who actually gave the money for this project, it was up to them to decide to do that. They made that choice, nobody forced them.

You have yet to provide a reason why it’s stupid. You assumption of the project being a failure is not a valid reason.

Assumption based on false pre-conceived notions. Also, nobody was filling luxury residences in Dubai until they were. The current state of a location does not necessarily decide it’s future. (And no Dubai is not even close to the only example)


It takes a very long time for the bus to go from this location to get to Market St and people in a building like this aren’t going to do that so they would drive/uber creating more congestion. Not a good idea. There’s nothing much in this area in the way of services which would create more driving.

This is the article on the developer that was posted above, please read it: Who Is Real Estate Developer Scot Matteson?

The developer has lied about funding and ghosted projects before. It’s not an opinion that is just the facts about the developer.

As enthusiasts of construction and development, we all know that most projects do not go through. Even fully funded projects where the shovel hits the ground, often do not finish. Yes, this project is ‘stupid’ for a multitude of reasons explained at length by me and others in this thread. Stupid projects can be built. But they are more than likely not going to be. We have all seen so many great and ambitious projects fail, and the reasons many of those fail can be plainly seen in this project (again, explained by me and others further up in this thread).

We don’t need to discuss this back and forth. Either it will be built or it won’t. We will just have to see, but in the meantime, I am definitely not holding my breath.


I personally don’t care if OKC has a 2,000, 3,000 or 10,000ft building in their city.

My issue with projects like this is opportunity cost.

Someone living in OKC has an average income less than 40k/year (for a single person. Household avg income is like 65k). That’s not a city where I think a huge, luxury dwelling development is going to benefit the average citizen in the slightest.

Meanwhile, the landscape of OKC is littered with surface parking that is prime for infill development that could actually provide 10x the amount of dwellings while being profitable for developers.

I just don’t think this “Bold” tower makes OKC a better city in any measurable way.


Do you think the observation deck will make the Legends Tower the top attraction for Oklahoma City like the Gateway Arch is for St. Louis. Also, will glass floors and thrill elements be included as part of the observatory experience.


No visit to Oklahoma City in the future will be complete without a visit to the terrorism memorial (Oklahoma City bombing) and the tallest building in the US (Legends Tower).

Just like no visit to NYC nowadays is complete without a visit to the terrorism memorial (September 11) and the tallest building in the US (One WTC).

I’m sure if they build it they’ll have a glass floor folks can jump on and maybe a few other curiosities. The glass floor is pretty much a standard feature in most new observation decks these days.

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Key word here is inching.


No one will finance this, therefore it won’t happen. The people who finance these projects are forced to live in reality, unfortunately.

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