NOTTINGHAM | Crocus Mill & Station House | 150 Units | 33M+ | 108FT+ | 11 FLOORS

Height - 33m / 108ft

Space - 150 residential units

Use - Residential

Developer - Godwin Developments

Architects - Unknown

Website -

Expected Completion - 2019

Located around the corner from Nottinghams transport interchange and railway station, next to the new tram viaduct which is part of the recently opened £570m phase 2 Nottingham Express Transit network, Crocus Mill and Station is a luxury residential development planned in the ‘Southside’ region of Nottingham.

As quoted on by the developer; ‘Designed with ‘New York Loft Style’ apartments in mind the development will bring a new dimension to city living in Nottingham.’ The planned build will consist of a new build rising 11 storeys which steps down in phases to the part conversion and restoration of the Victorian warehous which currently sits dormant on site.

The development is part of a wider master plan for the area, which is planned to be more a a CBD with quality residential developments on the outskirts. A neighbouring proposal ‘Unity Square’ containing 468,000Sqft of office space and hotel use is planned to start demolition at any point, both of these builds will help to kick start a renaissance to this area of town, which for decades has been prominently barren land, for such a prime entrance to the city.

Godwin Developments also own a piece of land a few blocks away on the same road, of which they are also planning a new residential development.

Birds eye view of Crocus Mill & Station (left) as well Godwins Hicking Pentecost (right) site:

Renders for Crocus Mill & Station House are as follows:

Photo taken by me from the other day of the site in question:


A new massing render further aiding the realisation of this proposal: