NOTTINGHAM | Radford Mill | 33M | 108ft | 7 FLOORS

Height - 33m / 108ft

Floors - 7

Space - 277 Residential Units

Use - Residential + Retail

Architects - Franklin Ellis Architects

Developer - Mabec Property

Expected Start - Late 2016

Plans for the restoration and new build construction of Radford Mill have been put forward to the council. 277 units will sit upon the site to hold up to 450 inhabitants whilst retail flanks Ilkeston Road. Town houses of 2-3 storeys will front Garden and Norton Street whilst the rest of the development rises up to 7 storeys with lofty floor to ceiling heights.

Preparations have already begun on site to make way for construction.

#The Site

The same vantage point as per the render above taken from Google Street View:

#Massing Diagrams

East side:

West side:


The view facing towards the city from Ilkeston Road:

The view facing away from the city, from Ilkeston Road also:

#Interactive Development Map

You can view as to where the development is on my Nottingham Interactive Development Map:

#View Point

Displaying the retail units flanking Ilkeston Road along with residential amenities such as the private gym: