Newark Airport renovations and updates

Old Terminal A being demolished.


I was recently at the airport and they’re only demolishing the round portions of the concourses. The last set of gates has the jetbridges removed so demolition is imminent for the last set of gates (A30-A39).

I also noticed the new Terminal’s gates A33-A34 end of the concourse’s exterior cladding at the northernmost end of the concourse is now missing and the window by it is boarded up from inside the terminal, with the green insulation behind it looking like it fell off at some point as Google maps imagery shows the cladding still attached, so this was a recent happening. This failure of the facade has also exposed the actual steel framework that the cladding is affixed to as well.


I wonder what caused that. Construction equipment from old terminal A?

The area that’s broken isn’t anywhere near the old Terminal A site.
Below is a google maps image of the area that was broken before it broke. There was no construction equipment in this area when I noticed it was in that state for the two times I went to the airport to pick up and drop off someone in a span of 2 weeks.

Thanks for the helpful clarification. Makes me wonder what could’ve caused the damage. Shame to see such a new structure have plywood boards on the windows so quickly

New dining option for Terminal A.

A ridiculous amount to have to pay to ride this claustrophobic relic.


And no real timeline for its replacement to be built either.



EWR Train Station to be connected to adjacent neighborhoods.

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A proposed layout of the new project at the EWR station is featured in this news piece.


Are there any plans to add an in-terminal hotel at EWR (or a hotel directly at an AirTrain station)? If not, they can put one on Frelinghuysen Avenue and connect directly to the NJ Transit/AirTrain interchange once the west entrance opens.

There are no plans to build an in-terminal hotel that I know of and the current on-site hotel, the Mariott will be demolished when the new Terminal B is built with no plans for a even a semi-convenient replacement to be created. We don’t even have finalized plans for the replacement of EWR’s terminal B yet.

The 3rd and 4th community engagement session dates came and went with no updates since then (especially for session 4 which had the “final” vision plans for what EWR will have and will look like).

At this point a new EWR Terminal B and quite possibly the AirTrain are going to become vaporware due to the absolute lack of any updates about what’s going on with these projects and their development.


This is my opinion a new terminal B is going to be made 100% and a new AirTran and that new rail link I think they waiting for old terminal A to be torn down 100% or 80% for them to say here is our final plan or maybe they did not yet like what they saw on the plans or made they rending it all so we get a good looking photo nothing can be done if that not torn down today I will give you all a update pic on terminal A new extension they building something there were the metal was taken off and the insulation can be seen it was not torn by accident or fell off they din dig and pour concrete footings that just up idk what it is but it’s were terminal A Connect to terminal B in the renderings

I work at Newark airport so I can give some updates to what’s going on and all with pics


Please try punctuation. It sounds like you have something valuable to contribute but this is very difficult to read.

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I am sorry I was typing this at 4 in the morning I could not fall a sleep so I was up from 10 in the morning Wednesday to 5 in the morning today and I work also yesterday. I will type it a bit better.

Here are some photos I will take a better one tomorrow btw I have no clue what this is for or why it’s being built I cant find nothing on it but it goes all the way to the gates for the road on the side

Oh btw the black walls that if I am correct that what they use as forums to pour a concert wall just came up today they were not there last time


Thanks for sharing Peter. I’m not sure what they’re working on. Could just be some utility work but (like you said) seems like they’re also building a vertical structure of some kind.

Here’s a more zoomed out pic of the location if anyone else has an idea as to what this is:


Old Terminal A lives on.
Even in official renderings of the new A, the headhouse of Old A continued to exist. They are only demolishing the gate areas.


This picture doesn’t show the full thing thanks to the bridge but it seems a tall-ish and narrow structure is being built adjacent to the new Terminal A. There is a lot of scaffoldong and work going on. Unfortunately the construction live cameras are dead so I cannot provide consistent updates.

A better picture:

What I suspect it might be is a ground traffic control tower given its narrow and tall profile. One such tower was present in older Terminal A renders but in a different location.