NEW YORK | Mackensens Unofficial Skyscraper Projects

Just a personal concept pity about beautiful project.

Then it is rather an unbuilt supertall

With a facelift of the MSG I am very satisfied, let’s see what the future brings. A renovation is much cheaper and they can continue to operate the MSG despite the reconstruction.

TKDV can you model a historic New York building? I have been looking for pictures of this since 2010 but have only been able to find one picture and one rendering.

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Yes, this is a beautiful project, but why are you even pity about this “concept”, when it has little to NO chance of this to be a real proposal, let alone to be built.

@Mackensen sorry for pinging you, but just for confirmation, the Sky High Towers are just your perseronal project right?

A teaser for my content I said I was gonna make. I’ve got a lot of drawings done and the final one is coming, I think you’ll love it @Mackensen. 2,150 feet high



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I actually forgot about the height with the base. I just gave it a 50 foot increase for taller spires, brings the total height to 2,270 feet


Nice! So almost as high as Merdeka 118

Nope, taller. Merdeka is 2,227 ft.


Whoops, my bad I messed up on the height comparison lol. :sweat_smile:

Drawings are complete!


@007 it’s not an unbuilt either because it’s not a real proposal, it’s a concept…

@Mackensen I don’t really take requests anymore, but I can look into the building you’re asking about to see if I can find anything else.


And here’s more screenshots of the 3d model. Your design actually managed to trick me up in the drawing process. I was imaging the perspective I needed to draw the final drawing, but the massing was getting jumbled in my thoughts. So I made the 3d model as quick as I could to help me. Fantastic design, A++


I have little time to write now, but after Thomas drew and modeled my Sky High Towers I replied briefly offline. First I say a very big thank you to Thomas you have modeled and drawn my concept very beautifully. And yes Sky High Towers, MSG 5, River Side Plaza and other drawings here in the topic are my own concepts.


Until tomorrow I’m back online here in the forum.


NOICE job!! :smiley:

Ah okay, thanks for the confirmation! :slight_smile:


An additional drawing and the final drawing updated


:+1: :+1:
Thank you Thomas you have modeled and drawn my concept very nicely.

I photographed my prototype again, yes it is almost a year old.

Autumn is just around the corner and I slowly feel like drawing new drawings. Maybe even if the chances are very low I can participate in an RFP (similar to Site K).

On the River Side Plaza issue, new drawings could be coming in the next few weeks.


Sky High Tower is a paper model

NY Paper models



But what do XingLin’s models have to do with Mackensen’s model or discussion?

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His models are great, but I agree with @TKDV, this doesn’t really relate to this discussion. Also, you can clearly see the paper model of the Sky High Towers a few posts back.