Visions and designs sandbox

Inspired by a recent lovely vision design by nejcvasl for 1 park lane, thought I’d place some random sketchup designs for towers I made somewhere on YIMBY, (perhaps not appropriate, so lmk). I also had made a park lane vision! Hardly as thought out or detailed, of course. Anyway, please add yours if you would like as well. Designs to follow.


Ok, starting with a mega tall 2000’ tower I dubbed “Gotham Towers.” Of course, NYC needs a mega tall. The buildings sit over the entrance to Brooklyn Battery tunnel, which I capped, and replaces those ridiculous parking garages. I thought three towers would be cool, design is neo-art deco, meant to give them a Gotham feel. Could be built with the port authority?


1 Park Lane – inspired by the Fitzroy, which is too beautiful to stay just a little building, why not have something scaled up? This model isn’t detailed enough to do that building justice, but you get the idea.

From the Fitzroy’s renderings:


Ok, last one for today. Replacing the dumpy little buildings at the center of Times Square with something really wild. The building is 1400’ with a 400’ screen leaning out into the square, creating room for a new plaza (you have to imagine what is there disappearing). Some leaning columns are playful but prob wouldn’t be structural.


Holy crap this one looks cool.


Something of this nature would do good for the area. CP South that is.

Almost like a 200 Amsterdam like design, only closer to the park. With a touch of art-deco.

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I would love to see a Chinese traditional inspired skyscraper go up in the NYC.
Something akin to Taipei 101 (one of the best-looking skyscrapers ever made) and the Jin Mao tower that’s part of the Shanghai Trio (the best trio of skyscrapers in the world.)
Seriously look at Taipei 101

And here’s Jin Mao

I would also love to see a smooth, flowing one akin to Shanghai Tower.

And as always the taller the better.


Jinmao is one of my favorite buildings on the planet. But Jinmao, Taipei 101 and other “pagodascrapers” are so contextual to Chinese architectural history, I worry they might feel out of place in NYC.

Although they would feel appropriate as a focal point for Manhattan’s Chinatown. Maybe the new towers rising nearby will pave the way for some skyscrapers there. Something like Jinmao rising above, say, Confucius Plaza at the foot of the Manhattan Bridge — a supertall beacon identifying Chinatown from anywhere in the city — would be pretty great.


Is this model uploaded to the 3d warehouse by any chance?