NEW YORK | JFK Airport Renovation/Upgrades

Does anyone know if it’ll be bigger than the Tom Bradley international terminal at LAX? That terminal is huge and was also recently expanded.

The TB LAX addition has 34 (total) gates with it’s satellite terminal (19 with just the main terminal) and is 1.2 million sqft (though I don’t know if this includes the satellite portion but believe that it doesn’t), T1 is supposed to have 23 gates and will be 2.4 million sqft. I’d assume the big discrepancy in the area comes from it’s giant headhouse concourse building.


JFK suffered a massive power outage at Terminal 1 today and it messed up a bunch of flights. It was significant enough to be covered by several news outlets.

Allegedly there was a fire that broke out although I wasn’t able to confirm it.

Fire confirmed and T1 is still closed.

T1 is possibly crippled for days.

News Stuff:

Other JFK Stuff:

Expanded executive team for the New T1


It’s worth noting that the JFK T4 expansion started to wrap up at the end of January with another part of the project opening in the summer and 11 gates are now open. It’s absolutely nothing to write home about (particularly the gate areas) and is just as unexciting as the T8 renovation. Of all the JFK projects, the T1 and T6 are the most interesting things going on at the airport.

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A recent JFK Redevelopment Advisory Council meeting also unveiled some renderings for the renovations of existing spaces. Looks like we’re getting updated flooring and check-in islands in the headhouse that match the new Delta areas, as well as new restrooms. They also talk about “Airtrain infill”, presumably covering up the areas of the Airtrain station that open up to the check-in hall to add more floor space.

It also mentions renovations to the old Concourse A and B holdrooms, but there are no renders for those yet. I’m assuming they’ll just look like the newer A/B areas. Some of the earlier slides also put the Delta One lounge’s opening at Q1 2024.


The also presentation mentions that sometime during Q1 of this year (no date given, though), there will be an official groundbreaking for T6 and construction will advance shortly after.

T1 is huge - the presentation shows its scale of it in comparison to downtown Jamacia.

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Last I heard the groundbreaking ceremony is expected on Thursday.

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Found this website for T6 and it says “Groundbreaking is underway” and Phase one completes in 2025, a year earlier than what is said in the JFK Redevelopment Advisory Council meeting presentation.

Interesting, looks like there are some interior renders there as well. I hope JetBlue uses T6 to finally build a Mint lounge–I hear the lack of a lounge is the most significant drawback to their transatlantic experience.

There might be a possible Mint lounge in the T6. This article from last year mentions lounges as part of the amenities.

Moreover, the new facility will offer “commercial dining and retail amenities, lounges, and recreational spaces,” though the inclusion of “lounges” is interesting considering JetBlue does not currently maintain any.

This article also mentions lounges.

It’s definitely not certain that T6 is getting a Mint-branded lounge but it’d be cool if they do.


As expected, T6 had its (indoor) groundbreaking ceremony today. Gov. Hochul gives update on JFK Airport makeover - YouTube

The Port Authority’s Instagram page posted some new renderings, including an updated shot of the main airside atrium and a jankier shot of another area.


Lots of headlines for this. I’m stoked for T6 and T1.

Enjoy the full suite of renderings here.

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I wish there was a diagram of all the changes happening at JFK’s different terminals (and when they’re due for completion). My head is swirling with the piece-meal news about all the different sectors.


The entire project’s pretty piecemeal with various terminal operators doing their own thing here’s a list of anticipated dates for completion of the 4 terminal projects:

  • Terminal 1: 2030
  • Terminal 4: Summer of 2023
  • Terminal 6: 2028
  • Terminal 8: December 2022 (Pretty much completed already)

I found a map showing the new terminal additions. The additions/new terminals are in green.



Nice!! Thank you, things are a lot clearer now… Hopefully after all the dust has settled, they renumber them more logically.


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I doubt they plan to renumber them, especially since some terminals (I.E Terminal 4) use their name heavily in their identity and branding. People also know them by their current names as well. While I do wish they’d be numbered in a consecutive manner, it’s quite unlikely.


what this doesnt show is the central terminal area redevelopment and the reconfiguration of the interior roadway network. both of those are significant multi billion dollar components of the overall project.


What is the central terminal?