DENVER | International Airport Expansion

„ Meanwhile, it wasn’t until 2022 that the city’s council approved the third and final phase of the project. Phase three will add yet another security checkpoint and new check-in areas for all remaining airlines.

It’ll also upgrade facilities such as bathrooms, floors, and lighting. Overall, the airport hopes the final project will be wheels-up by 2028.“

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My hometown airport, traveled through it many times growing up. The one change I don’t like about the renovations is what they did with the great hall. I’m not a fan of the new design changes or how they restricted access to the great hall to only ticketed visitors. I always enjoyed hanging out at the top of the escalators waiting for family members to arrive off the trains.

I do however like the concourse expansions and the new outdoor seating areas. The hotel and train connections to the city have been good additions as well