NEW YORK | JFK Airport Renovation/Upgrades

A previous post (quoted below) cites a PANYNJ document regarding the terminals being renamed to likely have a consistent naming instead of “1 4 5 6 8” it will be “A B C D E” which makes more sense.


Some pictures from the Airtrain last Sunday of what I believe is the terminal addition to Terminal 5 (I want to call it 6).


Some updates on the two new terminals. Terminal One’s bow-tie roof is now complete, and curtain wall installation is ahead of schedule. Apologies for low-quality images.


I believe the concrete structure here is for the new electrical substation 2.

Baggage system installation is also underway. Found a render of how it’ll look too.

Over on the north side, they cut the ribbon on T5’s newly relocated gate 30 yesterday, enabling construction to continue on T6 phase 1’s airside. Curtain wall installation continues to advance, and baggage system installation has begun here as well.

I’m impressed with how both projects seem to be well-coordinated with one another and at similar stages of construction. I wonder if they’ll both open at the same time?


Invaluable updates!

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Bad rainy pic