NEW YORK | JFK Airport Renovation/Upgrades

That’s the plan. When phase 1 opens in 2026, T7 is expected to close.


Found this article from October 10th regarding JFK’s construction. There’s a photo included that shows some of the work going on for T1 as well.

This linkedIn post has more images of T1 which shows some significant progress. The T1 linkedIn has a bunch of photos, so it’s a useful resource to keep track of the project.


Recent tweet containing some updated T1 diagrams They reference the post-construction phase c which would add four extra widebody gates, due to start construction in 2035 if approved. No sign of that T4 connector anymore, sadly. Additional airport-wide diagram references the full T4A expansion as a second phase, though there’s still nothing public about this from IAT or Delta.

A reply to the tweet has some additional construction photos


This bothers me. Why couldn’t they make it symmetrical with the other side?

The loss of the T4 connector is a major travesty as well.

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Likely has to do with squeezing in that final gate and allowing the appropriate space alignment for the large aircraft parking there and the squeeze of the ramp at that location.


I believe they have to maintain a minimum separation between the aircraft nose and concourse wall. What’s odd is that the pre-COVID design was able to achieve this while keeping that smoother transition between headhouse and concourse you see on the west side. In this diagram you can see there was just supposed to be a hardstand there, and the hammerhead at the end of the pier would have an additional gate.

Also, new render for the arrivals area.


thats not actually what it looks like.

Did they value engineer out the connector with T4?

The T4 connector is not part of the T1 project.

Based on that updated master plan diagram that appears to be the case.

I believe it was? It was included in all the pre-COVID diagrams and colored as part of the first phase of the terminal development.

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its part of the master plan, but its not part of the T1 project

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Is there a timeline for when it will be built?

Found a seemingly technical render of T1 from August:

From here


The lack of a T4 connector suggests to me that it was eliminated which is unfortunate as there are no provisions in this technical render of the placement of one either.

Thankfully a lot of steps have been taken over the past year or so to make it easier (though not cheaper) to reach the airport using mass transit. These include:

  • Introduction of LIRR trains between Jamaica and Grand Central
  • Expansion of “City Ticket” to peak trains
  • Introduction of OMNY on AirTrain (before OMNY MetroCard was the only acceptable fare media)

Now the MTA has finally added modern gates (instead of turnstiles) at the Sutphin Boulevard subway station, making it much easier for folks with luggage to travel to and from the airport using the subway.


The biggest problem I see with those fare gates is that anyone determined enough can just get close to someone and squeeze in before the gates close. You can easily see the potential for the issue in the last image where the woman is going through the ADA gate. It’s still open after she passes through so it is really easy for one person in a group to pay the fare and the rest just squeeze behind them before the gates close or just squeeze behind a random person and the same can be accomplished.

Still a preferable situation to literal turnstile jumping or people holding the emergency door and asking for money.

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