NEW YORK | 27-48 Jackson Ave | 811 FT | 68 FLOORS (New tallest; Queens)

Height and Elevation
Latitude (NAD 83): 40° 44’ 52.04" N

Longitude (NAD 83): 73° 56’ 21.91" W
Datum: NAD 83
City: Queens
State: NY
Nearest County: Queens Proposed

Site Elevation: 15
Structure Height: 811
Total Height (AMSL): 826

Study (ASN): 2021-AEA-2657-OE

Prior Study:
Status: Work In Progress Received Date: 02/25/2021

Entered Date: 02/25/2021


There’s so many empty lots around Court Sq to build up. But Queens is pretty much destined to never have a supertall because of LGA, right?


Two 900 footers got chopped after FAA reviews (Skyline Tower and Sven, formerly Queens Plaza Park) so that is safe to assume.


Where is this going? In place of the Court Square municipal parking structure?

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I believe so.

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What about along the waterfront?

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it might actually be somewhere else.

In this article about Helen Uffner’s costume warehouse (a fascinating piece in itself, regardless of the real-estate angle), it is mentioned that Ms. Uffner has to vacate her premises by September 2021 “so a developer can build LIC’s tallest residential high-rise.”

And her website lists her address as 42-24 Orchard Street.

So I think this project is actually on the southeast side of Jackson Avenue, between Queens and Orchard streets. The northern part of this block is a parking lot, and the warehouses take up the southern two-thirds of the block So it will be interesting to see if the warehouse buildings will be incorporated into this project, .


Or it could be two separate, unrelated sites. There are a number of sites along Jackson Ave. that could, in theory, be a new tallest for Queens.

yes, but 2478 Jackson Avenue, this address, is associated with a private parking lot operator and not the municipal parking garage:

This isn’t the place for this.

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I think this is the right site for this project?


Yes, it is.



Hmm interesting. If this is the new tallest for Queens, do you think Queens will ever get a supertall? I assumed that the FAA wouldn’t allow it due to the close proximity to LaGuardia but this is already 811 feet and that isn’t that far off.


Per NYguy:…t-queens-plans

New Long Island City Skyscraper Will Be Tallest In Queens: Plans
A nearly 800-foot residential skyscraper will soon rise near Queens Plaza, city records show — eclipsing a nearby tower as Queens’s tallest.

By Nick Garber, Patch Staff
Mar 7, 2022


For the third time in a handful of years, a new Long Island City skyscraper will gain the status of tallest building in Queens: in this case, a 794-foot tower set to rise near Queens Plaza, according to city records.

The new skyscraper will be mostly residential, containing 818 apartments at an average size of about 776 square feet. A portion will be set aside as affordable, through the city’s mandatory inclusionary housing program.


Cool but yuck

Edit: I guess it’s just the massing

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We’ll have to wait for official renderings, but needless to say even in the best case Queens won’t be competing with Brooklyn for a while.