NEW YORK | 262 Fifth Ave | 860 FT | 60 FLOORS

From Union Square



fits right in with the neighborhood if you ask me


Nice shots @yesinmybackyard - great view!



Throw a handful of corn at that building and you’d miss it’s so skinny.

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Seeing some discoloration of the “bricks” or maybe that’s a shadow in the second pic. This makes me wonder how easy these surfaces are to clean and how much grime they will accumulate over time…

It would be cool if there was some kind of intricate designed shadow play going on by subtlety playing with the shapes of the bricks in each panel. I’m thinking mimicking patterns you see in bookmatched marble like the PAC but using a similar technique as 111W57th’s terra cotta moire effect.

I’m also interested to see how these panels will interact with the circular windows.


Thats just the reflection of the hoistway lift truss. :+1:t2: There is no doubt that these are going to be difficult to clean though because of their shape, grime is going to accumulate on the surface fairly quickly and in streaks from each overlapping portion of the face of the extrusion above, we shall see though.

I had the very abnormal opportunity this week of being face to face with these panels (both the glass and the extrusions) and being in such proximity did not change my view of the overall facade.

But in terms of progress atleast waterproofing is visible on the south face of the core now, the other 2 sides probably wont be waterproofed until the crane comes down. I’m just wondering what the hold up on the crown structure is.

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I finally had the epiphany of what this facade reminded me of. Those puka shell necklaces associated with island/tropical culture. I feel like it had a resurgence in the 90s along with bleach blond hair. At any rate, dated.



Wait, is 262 an NYU dorm? If so then this is 860 feet of Yo! and that look that will never go out of style, bro!


Nice photos from JC. My concern from previous photos was the panel joints: they looked uneven, and poorly aligned. I see they have adjusted that issue and they are now looking very uniform. There is no discoloration YET, but when the atmospheric soot sets in there will be some discoloration. I would imagine periodic power washing will remedy that problem - maybe the window washing rig can possibly used to clean the aluminum facade. BTW - I have 60 posts in this thread: click on my infoshare tag above to view all my previous comments/photos/links.

I am still a fan: and I always loved the look of PUKA shells… :star_struck: