NEW YORK | 304 5th Ave | 163 FT | 13 FLOORS

Construction Update: 304 Fifth Avenue


304 Fifth Avenue

Across the street from the almost-complete 309 Fifth Avenue – aka The Dylan – is yet another new building at 304 Fifth Avenue. According to filings with the Department of Buildings, the developer is The Development Corp of NYP, which has a fairly non-informational website that seems to list port properties rather than anything that would be in Manhattan.

Despite an apparent lack of information, architect Sung Ho Shin’s website has a rendering of a 15-story tower that seems to have been an old proposal for the site – the tight boundaries limit creativity given the project’s unworthy location for starchitecture. Still, the latest permits at the DOB indicate a downward adjustment in 304 Fifth Avenue’s height, which has been reduced to 13 stories and 163 feet. Bricolage is apparently the architect, but their site also lacks any designs.

Going on the information that is available, the original design looked straight out of the 1980s, and it seems unlikely that the new plan will deviate in a major way – though 304 Fifth Avenue’s planned use has also changed since the original plans, shifting from residential to commercial.

Construction is well underway, and the first floor is currently being fabricated – no formal completion date has been announced, but given the scope, 2014 would be a reasonable assumption.


June 22 2014

11 16 2014