NEW YORK | 316 Fifth Ave | 535 FT | 40 FLOORS

314 and 316 Fifth Ave, two beautiful, old buildings, on the SW corner of Fifth and 32nd St, have been emptied. The buildings are gorgeous but in need of massive TLC. The tenants were a schlocky souvenir shop and a FILTHY pizza place.

I hope that the buildings are cleaned and get good tenants, though, sadly, I suspect that they will be razed.


please post a picture, if you have one

I’ll snap one on Mon, Brooklyn.

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If those buildings are razed then what is the actual point of the the Landmarks Committee? I mean really, you can’t get more elegant and extravagant than that building on the corner. If they were really gonna tear it down, wouldn’t there already be an uproar, like there was for the Bancroft?

I will be livid if they tear them down


The landmarks committee is BS!

That sux

I agree, VG. That whole area should be landmarked.

As expected.

This stinks.



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I agree.

The nice old buildings will go and the crap will stay.

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This is BS! No one is gonna do anything about that?

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I agree, but nothing can be done.

I wouldn’t be terribly upset if the crap were being razed, too. It sucks that it’s staying.

I agree , Lion

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really? that’s messed up. Like really, really messed up.

I hope that this is landmarked!!!

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That sucks. I wonder what the chances are they could get them to zone the whole district (i assume just 29th st block) as a landmark? Seems unlikely but they are going for it.

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