NEW YORK | 2 Penn Plaza (Renovation) | 412 FT | 29 FLOORS

Hard to miss


One thing for sure is there was a subway entrance in that location even before the renovations but that relocated entrance is new and includes ADA upgrades. The only thing that’s changed is that it’s significantly less obnoxiously grotesque in appearance. It’s such a welcome change that the plaza there isn’t all covered in scaffolding and construction fencing. It looks nice and I hope to visit soon.

Google streetview shows the entrance during construction and you can easily see what it used to look like in the background.

MSG. It’s the only thing in the area that hasn’t been made nice. It’ll likely be decades before that blight is either removed or made to look more attractive to the eye.


Yeah, the traditional subway entrance was just removed and the entrance was relocated to the building behind it (which just got a face lift) to include a larger/wider staircase and the ADA component elevator

This I greatly agree with, that entire area only a year ago was just a giant narrow corridor maze of construction sheds.

This is from July (pictures aren’t focused on the exact same area but show same general extent of Plaza 33)

Compared to yesterday


What was the latest news about the planned ESC or Penn District towers? Has the renovation of One Penn Plaza been completed?

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There is no new news regarding the ESC, Vornado either need to make a decision on the lots they own or another developer needs to purchase the other lots within the Complex not owned by Vornado.

Penn 2 however still needs some minor things to wrap up on the terraces and the roof before it’s completed/opened. Renovations to Penn 1 finished last year I believe, and the 2 adjacent plaza renovations wrapped up late last year.


I forgot to bring up last week that work is being done on the sidewalk between 33rd-34th St on 7th Ave’s west side to extend the new paving pattern potentially all the way around the small building infront of Penn 1. Also just looked like they were doing some infrastructure work simultaneously.


Pics by me, taken today.

Can’t wait for this construction gridlock to end. Area looks a mess on the street level.


Any reason why that area in the 2nd pic is still blocked off? Unless there’s some giant hole there, seems like it could be completed pretty quickly :thinking:

Just slowly finishing up the extent of the sidewalk.


Last I recall I think they do have a decent hole in those. Looked like some utility work lower down

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I know when I was in the area a month ago. there was infrastructure work going on in front of Penn 1 East while they were transitioning the old concrete sidewalk to the new paved one, but as of recent aerial photos from the ESB I could not discern any hole/opening in the area near the Penn Station entrance in front of Penn 2.

It doesn’t really look like the photos from Chris 2 days ago show any significant opening in the ground either when you look in the gaps between the barricades. Though I wouldn’t doubt it if there was below ground infrastructure going on that needed to be dealt with before they finish stuff up.

The south side of the building still has all the construction shed covering it so it will be pleasant when that side is also opened up/completed.

From 06-28-24