MUMBAI | ? ft ? M | 110 FL

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Maybe it could be this building?

Unless it’s another tower then I may be wrong


They’re different projects, Minerva, the tower from the article you linked, is about to open (launch). :+1:

But outside of that, I wonder how much this proposal will fare, a number of supertall proposals based in India are always cancelled or never get off the ground once they reach a certain points and/or are cut short of their original intended heights.


Mumbai has a robust history of corruption in construction and a myriad of unfinished projects. A lot of the skyscrapers in its skyline are unfinished shells. Good luck.


However, in the past few years, India has skyrocketed to the front of the pack in many ways. A few cities being revitalized, including Mumbai and Delhi at the top of that list, and a renewed stretch of public investment, clearance of genuine, actual slums and relocation to locales that are at least somewhat better, and the lives of their people being made just that much better than they were? Has a ton of positive implications for the future of that country. Just don’t do eugenics or anything like that.

Front of what pack? Certainly not skyscraper construction where China still leads, by a fairly large margain every year even after the restrictions.
Who knows tho. A boom could be in India’s cards.


Continuing my racing analogy, China is in the pits right now. So while it leads by say 4 or 5 laps and has a super comfortable lead, it isn’t even active in the race. I am talking about nations which are currently active in the race.